Binghamton University’s Office of Student Affairs Supports “#StopWhitePeople2K16” RA Event, Despite its Controversial Title

By Howard Hecht

On Friday, August 12, an optional conference for Binghamton University Residential Assistants entitled “#StopWhitePeople2K16” was held in an effort to “take the next step in understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within.” Naturally, that title garnered a significant amount of attention in a very short period of time, and before long, the University delivered an official response to concerns from those who believed the title was racist.

Brian Rose, Binghamton University’s Vice President of Student Affairs, wrote in his response to the controversy that the program was not “‘anti-white,’” and instead was simply a “discussion” that “explored reverse racism, the relationship of communities of color with police, whiteness, crime and segregation in an open conversation format.”

Rose also wrote that the titular hashtag “is commonly used ironically,” and “as the senior student affairs officer on campus,” he is “supportive of the students’ efforts to facilitate dialogue around a challenging set of topics.”

If Rose and the rest of the University administration truly do not believe that “this particular program was inconsistent with the respectful environment we hope to support and sustain,” then perhaps they have either missed or completely ignored the point of controversy they were attempting to respond to.

To endorse a student-led discussion on racism and other social issues is something that is completely in line with Binghamton University’s principles, and should be celebrated as a true step toward understanding and accepting diversity on campus.

To see an event called “#StopWhitePeople2K16” excused a joke, simply because the event did not seem to promote hatred, is unacceptable, but according to one Residential Assistant who did attend the meeting, the discussion itself was definitely innocuous.

The RA, due to University policies which prevented them from being named in this article, asked that we keep their identity a secret.

In an interview with this RA, we discussed what they believed was the purpose of RA training, and further, the purpose of the event. Typically, according to this RA, “the topics discussed” during RA training “include policy, mindset as an RA, effective communication, and inclusion.”

The “#StopWhitePeople2K16” event evidently followed suit with those ideals, and the “hashtag was used because it’s what people on the internet used to counter discussions about white privilege, and a lot of the controversy behind black and white conflict is expressed through the internet.”

When asked about whether or not they had seen the official response from the Student Affairs office, the RA said they had not, and when asked to comment on the statement that the “hashtag is commonly used ironically,” the RA stated they “do not know how to interpret this statement.”

Ultimately, the RA concluded if the event was included in future Residential Assistant training, the presenters should “probably change the name so people get mad less,” but remained firm in their belief that “this discussion should continue or similar discussion should come about as it was very engaging, helpful, and thought provoking.”

Binghamton Review stands by any Residential Assistant who wants to better their community, and even though we do not agree with the title “#StopWhitePeople2K16,” we definitely support the RA’s who attempted to have open discussion on the topics listed in the event description.

In the past couple of years alone, multicultural organizations, alongside other students and faculty concerned by a lack of diversity and tolerance on Binghamton University’s campus were quick to rally and fight against any potential injustice. Those emotional responses to hatred are an incredible testament to the diverse, accepting community Binghamton University promotes.

What is disturbing, then, is when phrases, like “reverse racism,” and event titles, like “#StopWhitePeople2K16,” are validated by our Student Association, our faculty, and even some of our fellow students.

Ultimately, when Residential Assistants hold an event called “#StopWhitePeople2K16,” the official response from the student-affairs office is that the hashtag was used “ironically,” and that nothing about the conference indicated any sort of intolerance.

This sort of double standard is common when University officials attempt to remain politically correct, and unfortunately, is a completely predictable stance to see them take when they are attempting to placate any sort of disruption in the university’s status quo.

Rose’s response to “#StopWhitePeople2K16” is completely in line with the politically correct, leftist agenda so often seen on University campuses when dealing with issues of race and gender. If the event had been called “#StopBlackPeople2K16,” “#StopAsianPeople2K16,” or if it had referred to any other race, the response from the University would have undoubtedly been very, very different.

Nowhere in Brian Rose’s response to concerns over the event’s title does he apologize or even attempt to properly respond to the clear bias in the event’s title. Essentially, it is dismissed as a joke, and attention is immediately shifted to insisting that the event itself was not meant to offend anyone.

All Binghamton University had to do was apologize, but instead, they have decided to ignore the title and only concern themselves with remaining politically correct when, frankly, the media attention surrounding the event does not agree with the logic or politics involved in the event’s name.

Hopefully, Binghamton University will reevaluate their response, and the issues people are having with the event can continue to be openly discussed.

86 thoughts on “Binghamton University’s Office of Student Affairs Supports “#StopWhitePeople2K16” RA Event, Despite its Controversial Title

  1. I’m going to have to watch more White Entertainment Network to understand what ‘reverse racism’ is. Has the world gone mad?? Racism is racism, no matter if it is white on black or black on white or yellow on brown or brown on red GET OVER YOURSELVES. There are 2 genders, male and female. The earth goes around the sun, and it spins. These are FACTS. If they upset your worldview, that is too bad. Time to go to a safe space and think it through… Brainwashed idiots! Cheers..

    1. Reverse racism is the name for endorsed racism and stereotyping. The name for the mentallity and politically correct trend that it is ok to hate and discriminate upon a white person because some white that lived long ago had slaves or any other guilt you can find to project.

  2. Black people make up 13.5% of the United States. Less than 14%. Think of that for a while. Why do we all, including me as a Native American, have to keep kowtowing to one group? This country was a melting pot for a while… all the US Government gave Native people was smallpox and casinos – what in the WORLD are black people going to be awarded with? Keeping in mind that slavery ended in what, 1865 and the Civil Rights Movement was 100 years later? Pretty sure people with white and other colors of skin fought in the bloodiest war this country has ever seen, what part of that says “white people hate you!”?
    None of this makes any sense. Stop telling black people they need extra help! You keep them in a sad cycle of poverty, single-parents… this is all just ridiculous. People, CHOOSE to not be victims! I have moved on you can too.

    1. Your people have been the most hurt by this countries ways, but also the best compensated. So if at any point this country actually does what the law passed and give black Americans there 40 acres and a mule then maybe you can say that they don’t need extra help.

      1. How have Native Americans been the best compensated? I’m curious how genocide is paid for after the fact. Or how broken treaties and promises are handled by the federal government that still pretends there are no treaties (the current Standing Rock Sioux incident is a prime example).

        1. Not to mention the fact that tribes like the O’odhams have been dealing with continued abuses at the border, and treated as if they are not U.S. citizens by America’s Homeland Security. This me first idea of some is incredibly self-serving.

      2. If we all get 40 acres and a mule for dealing with overt racism, then I want mine too, for actually watching my loved one imprisoned for asking for asylum as a fiancee, being denied due process, being tortured and then, deported. My point is, no one’s civil rights abuses supersedes another person’s.

        1. Okay, no one’s civil rights abuses supersedes another person’s, but understand the hot topic right now that has been on the forefront of any sort of racial/civil rights discussion has been the mistreatment of African-American men in various situations. Understand that since it is the big topic, that is where the focus is going to be.

          Despite the title being inflammatory (even though it’s a incredibly popular hashtag, so pretty obviously with no bad intentions), no one actually discussed about what happened within the workshops from what I’ve seen. Why doesn’t anyone talk about how the workshop was meant to teach RAs how to manage and open a dialogue when an issue like this arose? Why didn’t it talk about how the seminar covered discussing very harmful ideas that most of the time go unnoticed because it is so ingrained in society? I’ve heard good things about it and it sounds like everything was blown out of proportion because people jumped the gun and judged it on face value.

          1. Lets drop the nuance. The name of the “course” was Stopwhitepeople. However “ironic” it was intended to be – it singled out a particular group in the name of encouraging a dialogue on racial tension.
            Its pretty blatant that the objective was to place the focal point on supposed white ‘microaggressions’, white racism, ‘white privilege’, ‘whiteness’, etc. etc.
            This is obviously politically motivated to instill a narrative in the minds of minority students that white people are usually bigoted, racist, and “privileged”.

            In other words – it was bigoted and prejudicial towards whites.

          2. karl marxs left testicle:
            We can only “drop the nuance” if we pretend that context doesn’t give meaning to the words we use. It does. Pretending it doesn’t is a nice way of ignoring how language actually operates. That is foolish. How can you say what the objective was? Were you there? Did you attend? Did you craft the workshop? You’re getting all this from the title of a workshop? You say the word “obviously” a bunch but fail to demonstrate why it’s obvious. I think you’re making stuff up to suit what you think is going on which happens to contradict reality in this situation – so it’s not really “obvious” at all. You’re claiming it’s “bigoted and prejudicial” without a shred of evidence other than purposefully ignoring the evidence that counters your argument. Nice.

      3. I live in CT. 40 acres and a mule would be worth millions. You may have to settle for the new “40 acres and a mule” — a 700 square foot apartment and an iPad.

    2. As you your yourself know the “extra help” keeps them poor. The goal of those who get money and power to help blacks because they are poor is to keep them poor.

    3. Report: Aide says Nixon’s war on drugs targeted blacks, hippies

      *Ehrlichman said. “We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”*

      This destroyed the lives of millions, and generations to come.

      Top adviser to Richard Nixon admitted that ‘War on Drugs’ was policy tool to go after anti-war protesters and ‘black people’

      The Rev. Al Sharpton said Ehrlichman’s comments proved what black people had believed for decades.

      “This is a frightening confirmation of what many of us have been saying for years. That this was a real attempt by government to demonize and criminalize a race of people,” Sharpton told the Daily News. “And when we would raise the questions over that targeting, we were accused of all kind of things, from harboring criminality to being un-American and trying to politicize a legitimate concern.”

  3. First of all, there’s no such thing as “reverse racism” unless you mean a minority is being celebrated. Second of all, you idiots, the point of abbreviating “2000” as “2k” is to save characters. “2016” has the same number of characters as “2k16”, you morons. And thirdly, f–k you.

    1. Thank you for explaining the obvious over 2k16. Racism is racism,no matter who the victim is, so there is no such thing as “reverse racism” It is simply just another odious form of racism.

  4. The course is a course in genocide designed by white people to start a race war. This kind of think needs to be violently repressed.

      1. Some whites fought against slavery. After the abolishment of slavery, Black people had to endure Brown vs the Board and the Jim Crow Law. When these were abolished, the racist government of that time implemented a false drug campaign and imported drugs into “black regions”. Causing the horror of the drug epidemic. And destroying the lives of millions and generations to come. While at the same time cut school-fundings. The list is so long …. But I think you catch my drift by now,

        Slavery by Another Name: The Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II

        “Slavery did not, in fact, end at the end of the Civil War.”

        Collectors Bernard and Shirley Kinsey join author Douglas
        A. Blackmon in a conversation about Blackmon’s groundbreaking historical study, and Pulitzer Prize winning boo, Slavery by
        Another Name: The Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II.

        This event took place on Thursday, Feb. 24 at the National Museum of American History

        The course is obviously to teach people the history of racism and how white privilege places part in this, i.e. white domination (supremacy).

        1. First, Hernandez vs. Texas was a problem Latinos endured, much like black endured Brown vs. the Board. And Jim Crow laws affected more than blacks. the apartheid laws targeted all ethnic minorities even though it specifically mentioned “negroes.” The drug campaign was spread in more neighborhoods than “black regions,” in fact it was all minority communities. In addition to this, Latinos endured deportations as did some blacks. This doesn’t even address what was done to Indian nations or Asians. If we want to change perceptions, it begins with language. It begins with a desire to include not divide. And victims in America’s history have come in all shades, races, cultures and economic ranges.

      2. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? My blog is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my users would certainly benefit from some of the inaftmorion you provide here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Thanks a lot!

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    1. The “course” is an optional conference for RAs, not an actual course. Did you read the article – even the right leaning drivel of the review got much of the facts right. I have to question whether you understand what genocide is based on how you use the term here. “This kind of think needs to be violently repressed”? 1) what does that mean? 2) if you mean thought needs to be violently repressed then you have no business being affiliated with a university.

      1. so what? it’s still a course for someone. teaching anyone to stop whites (or blacks) is unacceptable. You look silly. Your school looks silly. We know, we know–its cool to hate on whites, but you all look cray up in Bing-town,

  5. I’mstarting a new course for teaching too! It’s called “White Alumni Stop Donating From Now On”

    Doesn’t matter what the base of thr course is about, the title is offensive. How about a new course for trying to get more African Americans in film, we’ll call it #shootmoreblacks

    1. If #shootmoreblacks is your go to, then yeah I think you’re probably the type of person who is racist lol, sorry bud.

      1. see my comment re: the Supreme Ct. There are liberals there but they don’t hold a majority – especially not on fundamental constitutional issues (some will probably disagree on this re: abortion), but let’s look at the recent 2nd amendment ruling regarding DC’s ridiculously illegal law.

    2. Why blacks? LOL confirmation of your prejudice here. Thanks for exposing yourself. This is in fact why this course is so important. Racism is normal to you, you can site here joke about it. It’s the root of white privilege. That is the power of racism!

      Stanford researchers develop new statistical test that shows racial profiling in police traffic stops

      “In North Carolina, both statistical tests provided strong evidence of unfounded racial discrimination. *Police searched 5.4 percent of blacks and 4.1 percent of the Hispanics they pulled over, but only 3.1 percent of whites.* In many cities and towns, *however, searches of blacks and Hispanics were actually less likely to uncover contraband than searches of whites.”*

  6. White flight all donations until the idiots who thought this up are dismissed with those that supoorted it.

    Alumni, no loger donate and let them know why when asked. Conact other alumni and call the companies and big families including name holders on buildings that donate through personal and corporate means.

    Money motivates change.

  7. We used an ironically offensive name and ironically, the alumni stopped donating time and money.

    Ironically, if you used something like this at a company in the real world you would be fired.

  8. Getting really sick and tired of the racists screaming racism and then practicing it like nothing is wrong. If they want racism they are well on their way to re-igniting the old south and the divisions that do more than hurt feelings.
    I’m sure they don’t want that!!

  9. Right up until this, the article writer had me fooled:
    ” in line with the politically correct, leftist agenda so often seen on University campuses when dealing with issues of race and gender.”

    That language, however, turns the article into an obvious argument for continued societal dominance by the US Caucasian (soon not to be a) majority, made by someone who profits somehow from that continuation.

    The swarm of hate comments flowing in response to the article are as predictable as sunlight.

    What a sad, sad world we have created for humankind.

    /s/ xanthian.

    1. If you call 2050 “soon”, then you must be VERY young. By the tone of your voice I would have guessed that anyway.

    2. LOL, a sad world indeed, if it includes teaching folks to stop whites. And I’m pretty sure that a class to stop blacks would have equally predictable (as sunlight?) responses. Come on, now…agree with me here.

    1. Would your kids have been able to read the article and realize that this isn’t a course that they could take? It’s not an actual class at the university.

      1. It’s about the environment at the University. I don’t want my white children to attend a school where the RA’s are trained in how to “stop white people”…

        1. Obviously your education is below the State College level if you don’t understand the irony of the title “stop white people”. The whole point is to make other RA’s (who have to deal with racially charged issues on campus) stop and think about another perspective that could help them give better advice or make better informed decisions.
          Kudos to your privileged white brain that isn’t able to comprehend the concept of irony (If state university is too difficult for you and your children, try community college – I hear their English classes may teach you and your children the definition of irony).

          1. Re uneducated : first of all the campus has a great record of all groups getting along with little or no problem . Majority of kids are extremely bright and hard working with little time for bigotry . Having said that it is not so much the course as it is the name . It is offensive and incendiary to all , not to mention not very welcoming . Also remember this is a tax subsidized university . Further more if it was such a great. Named course why are they promising to end it . They know they messed up but typical liberals can never admit they were wrong .

          2. Uneducated White Boy – “Kudos to your privileged white brain that isn’t able to comprehend the concept of irony”
            Speak of the devil, here’s comes a full blown racist who probably thinks they’re a social justice advocate.

            This is exactly what the original poster was talking about – protecting his kids from racists like you who are enabled, empowered, and tolerated by most American campuses.

        2. You missed the point. Hopefully your kids will learn how to think critically and recognize what satire is. Or what irony means. I’m not saying it was executed well (considering the fact that you obviously missed the point) but it was not a racist comment. I’m sorry if you don’t understand that. Perhaps when your kids come home from college they can better explain it to you since they won’t be limited by a short form on the internet.

  10. A fairly textbook case of institutionalized microaggressions fostering an unsafe environment on campus. There should be investigations, with the guilty parties reprimanded and made to attend further training sessions in which they learn to recognize their own bias.

    1. You’re white. You grew up in America. Somewhere deep down, there is a little voice telling you you are better than black people. You grew up with the message hammered into your head over and over whilst telling yourself “I”m not racist, I love black people, look I have black friends!”

      Your whole upbringing was a textbook example of “institutionalized microaggressions” against black people, to use your silly term.

      1. You’re whole comment in dripping with racial prejudice and bigotry – yet you still think you have some sort of moral high ground. The disconnect from reality is astounding.

      2. White students at Binghamton have a right to feel safe and to be able to go to class without the fear that their fellow students are discursively erasing their actual experiences and instead projecting onto them negative and damaging stereotypes and assumptions.

        Collective guilt is epistemic violence.

    2. Ik heb net een link op Twitter gezet, wat jij allemaal voor rustgevende dingen maakt!Dat kunnen heel veel stressende Nederlanders op dit moment wel gebruiken, ik heb een paar honderd volgers, en als die nou lekker allemaal in je shopje gaan kijken vandaag, zou mooi zijn!Maar ook weer niet teveel besltelingen, dan komt je kraampje nooit vol, haha!

    3. Não sei quanto valerá hoje Izmailov no mercado. Provavelmente para a direcção do Sporting deverá valer uma dúzia de tremoços e uma mini. Mas não tenho dúvidas que para o orgulho Sportinguista terá um valor inestimável.SL

  11. You really do not need to put “quotation marks” around every third “phrase” within your entire “article.” There are much better ways to quote people or reference their responses to question.

  12. I mean I’m laughing that you took the time to write this stupid article in the first place. So I guess the course being excused as funny worked. Look at all these idiots in the comments up in their shit about a course name. White Privilege has been a massive topic for years now. Relax.

  13. you used the wrong “principals”
    (To endorse a student-led discussion on racism and other social issues is something that is completely in line with Binghamton University’s principals)

  14. First of all, the title is offensive to me. It does not matter if this was incorrectly named or a joke, or the hash tag was used “ironically”. It is simply racist. Second, the Office of Student Affairs is wrong in trying to minimize a racist act by their school. Reverse racism is most commonly experienced by white people as the receiver, as the other way around is just plain racism. You see, in the new PC world, only white people are racist, and others who exhibit racism are justified. Without more tolerance from all of us, this may end badly (for all of us).

    1. You’re white. You grew up in America. Somewhere deep down, there is a little voice telling you you are better than black people. You grew up with the message hammered into your head over and over whilst telling yourself “I”m not racist, I love black people, look I have black friends!”

      Its not the new PC world, it’s the wake up and smell your learned over 200+ years racism. If other races hate white people I’d say they earned it! But that’s okay, you tried hard not to be racist for a few years, so that “white washes” (ha!) all of the previous events anyways. So that means we can move on right?

      1. Couldn’t the same comparison be said for any race or culture?

        You’re (name the race or culture). You grew up in America. Somewhere deep down, there is a little voice telling you you are better than (name the race or culture) people. You grew up with the message hammered into your head over and over whilst telling yourself “I”m not racist, I love (name the race or culture) people, look I have (name the race or culture) friends!”

        This idea that we put ourselves on a pedestal for being Latino or black or Native American so we can shit all over people we have been trying to guilt for so long bores me.

        The truth is, we’ve been calling white offspring “white boys” for over a generation, and getting pissy when they question it. We’ve been using their guilt to bolster our egos for some time too. In fact, we’ve globalized racism to hedge our bets. That’s why our beatings trigger huge riots. That’s why we can rally national journalists with one police incident. That’s why we can use civil rights leaders to publicly humiliate any white person that even hints at racism, destroying their job prospects, their community acceptance, even their educational opportunities while we think nothing of calling them “crackers.”

        It’s that rage we have for years of oppression that our ancestors endured, right? And here we sit, so proud that we have this power and digging our nails in their skulls telling them, “You’ve been white and learned this, so you are the reason I’m entitled to be an asshole.”

        Count me out of that! I don’t hate whites. I have been affected by racism in the work place, in my personal life and throughout it…by ALL races and cultures. You see, I’m that gal blacks say, “You don’t look like a typical snowbunny” and that gal Latinos say, “Hey mama, how do you know Spanish?” And I’ve seen it all from all of humanity. I’ve seen them all claim a faith in diversity and then head home to their white, black, brown, red neighborhoods.

        So let’s now work hard to remove any racial self-consciousness whites have to prove how hurt we are? Miss me with that petty behavior. Instead, we can remove language that is sensational and only aimed at offending and try to fix this. It won’t begin with this bullshit type of view of the world though. Or white denial.

    2. In fact it should have been “stop white people from being racist.”

      Racism is in: Housing; Jobs, Law enforcement; Wages, Loans etc…

      Racism is real and effects people’s lives deeply.

      Whites earn tree times as much more money. Whites have created a society where whites had/ have advantages over people of color. This is the reason why many whites migrated to America, post slavery. Yet blacks had to live trough tuff times, Brown vs the Board, Jim Crow Law. After this was abolished it outraged whites and as retribution drugs were being imported into black neighborhoods, school fundings cut off etc.

  15. Rose really needed to step up his game here and do the right thing. He totally blew it. Not to mention whoever thought this hashtag was a good idea in the first place. It is very difficult to convince the public and alumni that you are not promoting racism when you make statements like this. Racism cannot be defeated with more racism. And while it certainly sounds like the content of the meeting was well-minded, the PR surrounding it has done damage. The title itself insinuates that there is a racist mindset behind the idea, whether that be true or not.

  16. Do not excuse this. The ad flatly said they would provide the “tools” for their RA’s to respond to anyone with a good answer to their ridiculous racial assertions who were uneducated. On it’s face this program has prejudice written all over it. How does an RA ascertain who is or is not educated? What criteria is used when determining the education level of someone who disagrees with an RA? What qualifies that person besides signing up for the job as an intelligence meter? What happens if somebody who is educated has a good point?

  17. I’m so glad the university has opened this opportunity for dialogue. Me and my friends will meet up at the White Student Union and talk about it. It’s right down by the Caucasian Studies Department.

  18. Racism is looking at skin color not merit to promote attendance at university. Racism is looking at skin color and over looking merit to deny attendance at university. And all funded by the working class. I wonder what they look like?

  19. This is crazy! This kind of reminds me of when Ellen posted that picture of her on Usain Bolt’s back and people got offended over it. It was just a joke, this was just meant as an intriguing title to get more people to attend their optional event. The people who are getting offended over this seem like the same people who call us an overly sensitive generation. This is not the first time the hashtag #StopWhitePeople has been used, it’s a popular hashtag used for funny videos online. It was meant to draw in people from an Internet age not parents. The title of the event, which was most likely approved *By white people, is not enough to punish or ruin the careers of students with no malicious intent. Two years ago students of color were offended by things like yik yak that they wanted to be banned for racist statements and they also wanted a new head of diversity and inclusion because they did not find her helpful. But Harvey Stanger stood by his choices. So the world does not always move for leftist/extremist opinions. My white RA friend liked the title and thought the event was great.

  20. “All Binghamton University had to do was apologize, but instead, they have decided to ignore the title and only concern themselves with remaining politically correct.”

    In other words, “All they had to do was exactly what I personally wanted them to do. And since they didn’t, I’m gonna pout about it in an article.”

    Drop your self-righteousness and entitlement and grow up.

    1. I’m sure you’d say the same thing if an RA group titled a seminar “StopBlackPeople2k16” and said it was meant to be ironic.

      Drop the hypocrisy – even many left wingers are tiring of it.

  21. They should come up with a RA seminar called “StopWhitePaternalism2k16”. It could focus on how to deal with the self loathing, neurotic, patronizing white Progressive – and their incessant quasi religious quest to show the world how empathetic and altruistic they are.
    You could learn self defense mechanisms to help thwart their infantile desires to feel morally superior.

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