Dear “Dear White People”

by Kayla Jimenez and Ryan Stryska “Turns out the only thing Americans love in their… TV more than ignorant black kids is crazy racist white folks.” This is one of the final lines in the film Dear White People that Netflix apparently agrees with. The entertainment company released a thirty-second trailer


by Aditi Roy For all the talk about fake news after the election, there seems to be an influx of fake hate crimes being reported as well. While all sides of the political spectrum are guilty of post-election hate crime hoaxes, liberals seem to be working overtime in faking hate crimes

Real Fake News

by Thomas Casey The boogeyman of phony news reporting is haunting America. This pervasive, nationwide, deeply ingrained existential threat began, according to Democrats, on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016. Liberals everywhere are crying foul that some made up news stories toppled their otherwise unblemished presidential candidate. Of course, nobody’s got any

Media and its Limitations on Leadership

Influence in Political Discourse Constrains Governmental Functions by Zachary Borodkin A leader can talk about getting things done, but a good leader knows that, despite the majesty of their position, there are constrains on their power. These constrains are both internal and external and can impact the decisions that are made once

Are Dreams Worth Chasing?

by Sk8teboard and AdVice Do you ever wake up and think you'll never achieve your dreams? Do they seem so far away that you think they’re unattainable? Why? Do you really believe it will never come true? So why keep dreaming? It keeps you sane and your spirit alive and regret-free; your

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers

By David Keptsi   After the mess that was the first presidential debate, many people were driven to fact checking websites to try to make sense of the B.S. coming out of both candidates mouths. Unfortunately the same websites/publications that have a supposed duty to objectively fact check the debate seem to

My Awkward Sodexual Encounters: Tales from a Faraway Hin-dom

By Patrick McAuliffe For the final installment in my tale of dining hall reviews and Sodexual encounters, I wanted to be as thorough as possible in Hinman. It’s a rather good dining hall, even questionably worth the airfare to get there from Dickinson. I’ve enjoyed this experience, and I hope you,

Shit Buzzfeed Says – Act IV: 1/29/2016 1:27:45 AM

Hello, everyone – it’s been a while. Last we left off, I proclaimed my plan to destroy the soul-crushing, click-baiting, and generally irritating entity we all know as For over three months now, I have fought the good fight, teasing and ridiculing BuzzFeed for all its glaring flaws. I thought

Shit BuzzFeed Says – Act III: A Contemplation

By Howard Hecht Trigger Warning: This Article was Indeed Written by a Heterosexual, White Male Those reading this serial may have realized I’ve contradicted myself. Though I once stated people who enjoy BuzzFeed aren’t “degenerates,” I recently went as far as to call them: “infantile adults.” That was rather “savage” of me,

My Awkward Sodexual Encounters

A Trip Through the Woods By Patrick McAuliffe Here we go, making our way around the Brain, sampling the local cuisine. I’ve grown to enjoy this because it gets me out there, seeing the sights of campus. Granted, I dread the many trips up to Mountainview next month. In the winter, too!