Picking up Hobbies Will Alleviate Pre-Break Stress

by Zachary Borodkin With less than a month before students head home for Thanksgiving break, the stress levels are at an all-time high. Many of us are looking to complete projects, take our last mid-terms, and finalize housing plans for next fall. While it is important to focus on the work that needs

The Government is Evil and Racist and It Should Control the Economy

by Comrade Casey, Commissar of the Binghamton College Communists Every day, I check my iPhone and read about another racist, disgusting atrocity committed by the government. Corrupt cops target disadvantaged groups with reckless abandon. Our hapless, useless mayors and legislators stand idly by, catering to special interests instead of their constituents.

Additional Top-Bing-s Cost Extra

By Patrick McAuliffe and Adrienne Vertucci The fall semester is now in full swing, and most of the student body should be pretty comfortably settled (as comfortably settled as a young adult with lots of stress and nagging existential dread can be). With the pressure of schoolwork, clubs, and social lives,

Goofy G(Uber)s

By Thomas Casey What if I told you there was an action the New York government could take that in a single, simple moment, would create thousands of jobs, save lives and make a ton a people happy. You’d think the government would do it, right? Well, they failed, miserably. Bill S04108D

Binghamton U. Apologizes for Controversial “#StopWhitePeople2K16” RA Training Event Title

By Howard Hecht On August 24, Binghamton University’s Vice President for Student Affairs, Brian Rose, published a message on the University website regarding the now controversial, and optional, RA discussion “#StopWhitePeople2K16.” Today, after negative media attention for the event continued to gain traction, Rose provided a second message to the student body

Binghamton University’s Office of Student Affairs Supports “#StopWhitePeople2K16” RA Event, Despite its Controversial Title

By Howard Hecht On Friday, August 12, an optional conference for Binghamton University Residential Assistants entitled “#StopWhitePeople2K16” was held in an effort to “take the next step in understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within.” Naturally, that title garnered a significant amount of attention in a very short period

“#StopWhitePeople2K16” is an Official Part of Residential Assistant Training

By Howard Hecht Racism seems to continually weigh upon both the faculty and students of Binghamton University. As a response to the apparent presence of bigotry and hatred on campus, university faculty and student groups, such as Students for Change, have worked to create a more diverse and inclusive environment on

Deer Diplomacy

By Billy Schneider Many of you may remember that the Binghamton Review published an article last semester regarding the precarious situation facing the deer in our nature preserve. At the time many readers were completely un-aware of this problem, and the issue preceded a surge of student interest in helping to

Sodex NO NO

By Kayla Jimenez Just when it seemed that the union negotiations for Sodexo workers had become old news, the issue came to the forefront of campus news and attention once again. On Tuesday, March 8th, the Justice for Sodexo Workers Student Coalition organized a student rally sponsored by the College Progressives

M.D., D.O., Don’t Care

By Dan Kersten As I enter my junior year of undergraduate studies, it is time for me to start preparing myself for the long and painful experience of applying to medical schools. I have already registered for an MCAT review course and am fully prepared to not sleep for the next