Real Fake News

by Thomas Casey The boogeyman of phony news reporting is haunting America. This pervasive, nationwide, deeply ingrained existential threat began, according to Democrats, on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016. Liberals everywhere are crying foul that some made up news stories toppled their otherwise unblemished presidential candidate. Of course, nobody’s got any

ABCs of the Left

By The Binghamton Review Staff A - Anthropology major: What degree could be more useful than anthropology? Accounting, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Management, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology. B - Black Lives Matter: We’ll be protesting Pipe Dream on Tuesday and we demand a full apology for something vaguely racist. C - Cultural

Hello Nasty, Where You Been?

By Laura Crass After illustrating its flaws and lies while also calling out its false data, I was contemplating letting up on the new American feminist movement. I've debunked its main points; my work was largely done. I figured that if all the feminists reading the Binghamton Review still choose to

An Atheist’s Defense of Religion

By Alex Carros Last February, the State Senate of Georgia passed the Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This bill was designed to allow discrimination, specifically against same-sex marriage, by religious leaders and private institutions. No one seriously contests the purpose of this law; it very explicitly states that it will allow


Dear readers, A lot has happened since the February issue. Locally, the Student Association’s President has resigned. Jordan touches upon this situation in this issue. Parade Day will be here before we know it, and Jessica has some tips that you should check out to survive. Sodexo’s Night Owl policy change

An Open Letter to Binghamton University

Dear Binghamton University Students, The recent events on our campus are a reflection of the struggles taking place in college campuses across this country. A group on campus accused a public official (in this case a student instead of a faculty member) of being racially insensitive and, without any public debate

In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancte

By Raymond Page When you open this magazine, you’re likely to have certain expectations.  Topics such as political theory, rhetorical analysis, policy debate, contentious and argumentative commentary, the ousting of normative behavior, societal grievances, variant perspectives in relation to ongoing political turmoil and more, regularly fill our pages. You’ve come to

From The Editor

Dear Readers, This issue of Binghamton Review marks the first issue of the Spring 2016 semester: my last semester as an undergraduate of Binghamton University and my last semester as Editor-in-Chief of this fine publication. I will be touching more upon this as my time comes closer to an end, but

Stop Appropriating Our Rape Culture!

By Laura Crass Third-wave feminists have been stammering on about how catcalling objectifies women. Now I hate to use anecdotal evidence to make a point, but I’m a female so I believe that doing so in this case is salient– it is from my experience that I say catcalling is a

Debunking New-Age Western Feminism: An Introduction

By Laura Crass The Tumblr-spawn’s whines have made the “feminist” movement louder. They have, regrettably, grabbed far too much of my attention. The main discourse on third-wave feminism revolves around three main points: the misunderstood wage gap, the so-called glass ceiling, and the patriarchy (read: boogeyman). describes the “glass ceiling” as