Real Fake News

by Thomas Casey The boogeyman of phony news reporting is haunting America. This pervasive, nationwide, deeply ingrained existential threat began, according to Democrats, on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016. Liberals everywhere are crying foul that some made up news stories toppled their otherwise unblemished presidential candidate. Of course, nobody’s got any

Presidential Profiles

by David Keptsi Its election time and what a shit show we’re all in for. If you haven't made up your mind about who you’re voting for in the general election: Good. Because it's ridiculous that these are our only choices. For those who haven't made up their minds and those

The Government is Evil and Racist and It Should Control the Economy

by Comrade Casey, Commissar of the Binghamton College Communists Every day, I check my iPhone and read about another racist, disgusting atrocity committed by the government. Corrupt cops target disadvantaged groups with reckless abandon. Our hapless, useless mayors and legislators stand idly by, catering to special interests instead of their constituents.

ABC’s of Hillary Clinton Scandals

by Aditi Roy A: Arms Deals Twenty countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation received $165 billion in commercial arms sales that were approved by Hillary Clinton's State Department when she was Secretary of State. These deals increased the military strength of countries like Algeria, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Oman, all

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers

By David Keptsi   After the mess that was the first presidential debate, many people were driven to fact checking websites to try to make sense of the B.S. coming out of both candidates mouths. Unfortunately the same websites/publications that have a supposed duty to objectively fact check the debate seem to

Deer Diplomacy

By Billy Schneider Many of you may remember that the Binghamton Review published an article last semester regarding the precarious situation facing the deer in our nature preserve. At the time many readers were completely un-aware of this problem, and the issue preceded a surge of student interest in helping to

Disarm the Police: A Plea for Common Sense Gun Reform

By Sean Glendon It seems that every day a new headline hits the news - a police officer has killed a civilian, who, more often than not, was a minority. As I scrolled through my Facebook feed I was inspired by everybody making very long-winded posts to do something, so I'm

B.S Doesn’t Go Far Enough

By Joseph GunderStalin We know about unequal opportunity.  We know that inflation isn’t high enough.  We know about the failure of the rich man to give half of his assets to the poor man standing next to him to equalize their footing.  We know that the sameness of the population rests

ABCs of the Left

By The Binghamton Review Staff A - Anthropology major: What degree could be more useful than anthropology? Accounting, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, Management, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology. B - Black Lives Matter: We’ll be protesting Pipe Dream on Tuesday and we demand a full apology for something vaguely racist. C - Cultural

My Awkward Sodexual Encounters: Go Tell it On the Mountainview

By Patrick McAuliffe Jr. After a brief respite (which was a tad bit too long and boring, if you ask me), Binghamton Review is back and here to offer you a glimpse inside a student’s Sodexual encounters. This time, I went where the air is a bit thinner for some Mile-High Dining. (The