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Ancestors of Binghamton Review doing their own version of a Press Watch Quotes are in italics

Our commentary is in bold

“Who ever said snow wasn’t sexy?”

Pipe Dream

The humorless obscenity of this article is staggering.

“Binghamton started me out with 12 inches, and I took all of it. It took me a while, and it was, for the most part, unpleasant and wet, but I got through it.”

Ugh, disgusting. At the Review, we put pictures of sexy Eastern European girls on the cover. (Well we will. The instant they let us. We promise.) At Pipe Dream, they come up with nauseating sexual innuendos. That right there is a quality difference.

“Cold poses a lot of issues to hooking up. Sure, it’d be fun to cuddle in a ski lodge, but the only things I’ll be eating out are the boxes of discount Valentine’s Day chocolate I’ve stockpiled.”

Oh God. Keeping it classy, Pipe Dream!

“Stop the dangerous drinking games”

Pipe Dream

The author is well-intentioned, but ultimately mistaken.

“Neknomination, which is thought to have originated in Australia, is a drinking game where one person nominates another to finish — or “neck” — a said amount of alcohol within 24 hours, and then nominates the next person.

The game requires the nominee to make a video of him or herself finishing a drink and then posting it as a status on Facebook. The video also includes the next nomination for a friend to keep the game going.

All of the nominating and all of the drinking is made public through Facebook.

Five people have already died from the game since early February.”

So far so good – go on.

Facebook cannot wait to take action when lives are at risk. Mark Zuckerberg, I personally think you are an absolute genius. I have stock in you. But why have you not yet put an end to this incredible immaturity? How could you let your brilliant billion-dollar platform be used as a source of evil?”

This is pretty silly – you can’t blame Facebook for people being stupid enough to accidentally kill themselves playing drinking games. Zuckerberg does not have the power to “end this incredibly immaturity.” He runs a social media site, not a parenting conglomerate. And “evil” should not be confused with “stupidity.”

“Our generation’s addiction to public approval and instant gratification pulses through social media. With every new social media outlet, our compulsion only grows stronger.

But this time, we have gone too far, and it sadly took the deaths of five young adults to realize.”

Don’t put us all in the same camp. Just because some of us are happy to get a bunch of likes on the new photo we put up, doesn’t mean we’re stupid enough to drink until our body shuts down. However, I do agree with the author that our generations’ addiction to instant gratification (this is a personal problem for me as well) is detrimental to our success.

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