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Dear Readers,

Many of you are probably picking up an issue of the Binghamton Review, and you’re probably wondering what we’re all about. The average attention span of someone my age is about as robust as the job market for Gender Studies majors, so I’ll probably lose a bunch of you before you’re even done with this paragraph. Such is life!

Most college publications, including the ones on this campus, have liberal to leftist political views and feature writing that is not of a particular high quality. The humor is often times infantile and try-hard.

The Review is different. Our political views favor individual liberty, an open society, and a smaller government. Our writing is both humorous and informative.

The tone of this editorial may strike you as pompous or abrasive. That’s okay! It’s our style. You’ll grow to love it. Or maybe you won’t. It’s hard to say!

In the past, I would’ve spent a good portion of this editorial discussing my own views and my tenure at the helm of this fine publication. Well, I’ve grown up a bit, so instead of putting that stuff in the editorial, I just wrote an article about it.

If this was your standard right-wing publication, there would probably be some cheap insult directed at Barack Obama by now. Obama is an awful president, and a great number of his policies have been damaging to the American economy and health care system. However, calling people names isn’t any way to conduct an argument, so that’s one temptation we’ll avoid falling into.

I hope you enjoy this issue. If you ever want to join our team, please don’t hesitate to email me at You’ll find it to be a meaningful and fun experience!


Dan Milyavsky

P.S. This is the welcome issue, and it’s already October. I know. My bad.

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