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By Luke Kusick

Throughout 2015, the left has become increasingly obsessed with identity politics. From feminism, to Black Lives Matter, to #weareallmuslim, the left has increasingly become the party of “progress” and “multiculturalism.” The recent influx of refugees into Europe has caused quite a dilemma for the left, which it has attempted to ignore but can no longer. Toxic masculinity, “rape culture,” and the “wage gap” are about as mythological as a dragon. The real threat to “feminism,” an ideology that could only occur in Western liberal capitalist societies, comes from radical Muslims.

I imagine in the future the Amber Rose Slut Walk will be greeted by the hordes of Muslim refugees treating the event about as kindly as they treat women’s clitorises in Egypt. All the “rape culture” that straight White men are committing in the West is clearly minute in comparison to the massive increase in rapes throughout Europe ever since the Syrian “refugees” came. From Cologne, Germany having 2,000 women saying they were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve to Sweden becoming the rape capital of the West, radical Muslim values are clearly in total opposition to anything feminism has been fighting for in my lifetime. Certainly the “sluts” in the slut walk who had exposed nipples, lingerie, and were twerking live on stage would be shamed by Muslims worldwide and potentially asked, “where is your hijab?”

Yet, for some reason or another the left continues to defend all Muslims? It is actually astonishing to see leftists movements like ANTIFA claiming that “rape culture” is the real problem in Europe in instances like Cologne and not these refugees. The left is looking for a unicorn to blame, or more precisely a White straight male, when radical Muslims are staring them in the eye and screaming that they are guilty of the crime. So how can the left, how can Europe, how can any sane person defend radical Muslims and defend feminism at the same time?

The issue ultimately is identity politics. The left became obsessed with identity politics and claims to be the political ideology for all the “oppressed” people in the world. The obsession is comparable to a drug addiction. They are so obsessed with protecting the “oppressed Muslims” that they cannot see that they are oppressing women all around the world. No feminist in the West wants to address the issue of stoning adulterers, homosexuals, and even women who don’t want to wear a burka. Instead they want to pander to all Muslims (even the radicals!) for being a minority religion in the West. They have a utopian version of the world where the men telling women to wear burkas and who throw gays off of buildings stand hand and hand with the LGBTQ community and are guided by the economic prowess of Bernie Sanders. It simply is illogical.

Unfortunately for the left, facts exist in the world and the fact of the matter is poll after poll shows that idea that only a minority of Muslims has radical beliefs is far from the truth. While not every single Muslim is a jihadist or a full-blown supporter of ISIS, which no one ever claims, a good majority have ideas that go completely against Western societies views, including feminism. The problem itself isn’t what the Quran teaches or what groups like ISIS say. The problem is rather the people who actually practice the belief outside of the terrorists. In a country like Indonesia, the country with the most Muslims in the world, yes not all Muslims come from the Middle East, have 50% Muslims surveyed say they want strict Sharia law in all Muslim countries. In countries like Bangladesh, 66% of all Muslims surveyed they believe that honor killings were acceptable in certain circumstances. Imagine in the West if a woman cheats on a man his husband got to kill her to save his honor? Or better yet what if his daughter had premarital sex, the horror, and he had the right to kill her. A majority of us in the West both left and right agree with basic human rights. A majority of right-wingers and left wingers in the left disagree with what the majority of Muslims agree with are sane legal precedents, sane law code, and sane ethics. But the right wing is not trying to destroy itself. The right wing isn’t begging for radical Muslims to come in and destroy all of the values it has created. The right wing, while opposed to PC culture and almost most ideas that the left has, does not want the execution of all those who show a little cleavage on the street. Yet radical Muslims not only want it, but actively scream it. The left must be so deep in their safe spaces that they cannot hear the cries of the women being raped in Sweden, Germany, and throughout Europe and radical Muslims taking the credit for it. Radical Islam and feminism are a contradiction in terms, but then again no one has ever claimed that left wing has ever presented any ideas that aren’t contradictory in nature.

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