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By Howard Hecht

Racism seems to continually weigh upon both the faculty and students of Binghamton University. As a response to the apparent presence of bigotry and hatred on campus, university faculty and student groups, such as Students for Change, have worked to create a more diverse and inclusive environment on campus.
The implication that comes across due to these perennial responses to perceived bigotry, however, is that Binghamton University is a very, very bad place to go to school due to the many racist, bigoted, and problematic staff and students. Whether an individual agrees with that implication, though, should be up him or her.
Regardless of whether or not Binghamton’s campus is a hateful place, students are definitely allowed to express their concerns. To tell them issues regarding race, gender, and sexuality do not exist on campus would be to assume those issues cannot exist.
Bigots will always be present on a university campus, and no one should ever try to deny that. The extent to which that bigotry influences university policy, and how the general student population reacts to those bigoted people, however, is what would hopefully determine the emotional and physical response to that hatred.
A place like Binghamton University, which prides itself on its commitment to diversity and acceptance, absolutely does not approve of hateful attitudes. To call Binghamton University a politically correct institution is certainly fair. Clearly, Binghamton University is trying to be as accepting and diverse as possible.
It came as a shock to Binghamton Review, then, when a page from Binghamton University’s Residential Assistant training schedule was sent to our Facebook page. Listed alongside an event meant to give RAs an “overview of disabilities in Higher Education,” was one called “#StopWhitePeople2K16.”
Naturally, we decided to check and see if this information were legitimate, and have determined that the event’s existence is well within the realm of possibilities. We would, however, love to be shown proof that the event was not part of the RA training schedule.
Essentially, the event was meant to teach RA’s about “understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within.” This type of rhetoric is commonplace in the university, and has become inseparable from the concept of social justice.
If you subscribe to the extremely leftist notion that to be racist against white people is “reverse racism,” and therefore white people cannot experience racism because “reverse racism” does not exist, then the title of this conference will not bother you. For the rest of the student population, however, the title may come as a bit of a shock, or at the very least spark interest in understanding the hashtag.
This is, of course, not the first time this hashtag has been used. A quick search on the internet provides many examples of its usage, and in many cases it seems pretty harmless, if not just generally petty. The only clear motivation for using the hashtag seems to be to shame white people for a variety of different things that are often not even relevant to a conversation regarding acceptance and diversity.
The terrifying implication here is not that students on campus think it is appropriate to call an event by that name, but that the university seems to endorse it as a proper part of a RA training.
Residential Assistants, which are undoubtedly some of the most important members of the campus community, must naturally go through a period of training prior to presiding over dorms. These people should be sensitive to the issues of their residents, and to be prejudiced against someone on the basis of his or her skin color would seem, just like the hashtag itself, petty.
For a university dedicated to providing an inclusive environment, calling an event “#StopWhitePeople2K16” seems counterproductive at best. The name is divisive, politically motivated, and does nothing to actually prevent racism. If anything, it seems to imply that the “uneducated people” mentioned in the event description must be white.
If talking about diversity and privilege are going to be a university endorsed part of training Residential Assistants, then perhaps, the following scenario is worth a bit of thought:
Obviously, something as superficial as a person’s skin color should not determine their worth. To assume so would only create divisions between people for the pettiest of reasons. Why, then, would it ever be productive to directly refer to someone’s skin color as something which makes them worth “stopping?” Furthermore, if Binghamton University is going to endorse “stopping” someone due to his or her skin color, without any explanation for why he or she must be “stopped,” would that not be a real example of racism on campus?
Just as many other members of the campus community have spoken out against bigotry and racism, regardless of university policies specifically meant to prevent and shame that sort of hatred, so should anyone else be allowed to dissect and approach a potentially hateful event on campus.
Feel free to disagree with that line of thinking, but also understand that other ideologies and points of view can exist simultaneously when attempting to prevent hatred on campus. At a public, state funded university, to potentially see racism endorsed is a frightening prospect for the future of higher education.
Hopefully, Binghamton University will reexamine its RA training to prevent events like “#StopWhitePeople2K16” from promoting prejudices. It would not surprise us, however, if both the event and this article are both completely ignored by the university.

Note: this is a developing story and updates will be posted as they become available.

119 Replies to ““#StopWhitePeople2K16” is an Official Part of Residential Assistant Training”

  1. Well written objective analysis to racially charged and inciteful training course, at least in title. I for one believe in diversity and equality. On the other hand I am sick of the attack upon the white population. White people can be criticized, judged, mocked, and attacked. That is ok? Enough is enough. What if the title of the course was #StopBlackPeople2K16? How much of the college would burn for that?

    1. Black people are persecuted and made fun of for centuries, it happens to white people for barely a couple years and you’re ready to cut the cord? Good lord, that’s a lack of understanding your own position right there!

      1. sooo.. you want history to continue … you want the same behavior to continue? White man is to be punished by giving the same treatment? Doesnt make any sense to try to fix a problem by implementing the same behavior that got us here in the first place. .

      2. So we should fight racism with racism? Jesus christ, the mental gymnastics to justify this shit by people like you is amazing.

      3. Black people are not the only group/race that have been persecuted. Centuries? Barely a couple of years…you mean since Obama became president and became the most divisive president we have ever had? If the course is helpful in making people think about the issues and in responding to situations that may arise in a dorm, that’s great. If it is intended to focus on perceived white “privilege” or to hold any group’s/race’s feet to the fire, it has no place on campus because it will only inflame. Let’s work on what we share as human beings and let’s stop focusing on what makes us different. Change the name of the course…it’s just so wrong.

  2. Can one be “encountered with good arguments?” The English is appalling unless it is meant to channel the “uneducated” for whom the organizers intend to speak. Or perhaps they should spend more time in class and less on activism.

    1. To answer your question, one can in fact– under the grammatical and otherwise commonly understood parameters of our language! I’m unclear why this description is so challenging for you, but as a fellow white person I’ll help you. In this sentence, they are attempting assist to those that are unexpectedly confronted by individuals vocalizing opinions in defense of white supremacy and racism. This course is thoughtfully opening a necessary dialogue to help RA’s cope and respond to these ignorant “good” arguments while still maintaining a level of professionalism as required by their position. As I can attest to personally through this post, it is exceedingly frustrating to talk to people that are ignorant, uneducated and more than likely afflicted with some serious cognitive dissonance about the complex history of racism in this country. Is that more clear? It speaks volumes about your life that you would actually attack the linguistics of some college kids trying to be positive during this tumultuous and ugly time.

      1. Nothing positive exists in this swill. This article took the long way around in finding me. I frequent a political forum, and though this happened in my backyard, it was passed on by a contributor in a different state.

        Had it been “stopanythingnonwhite2k16” this would have been much larger news, and Barry O would’be mentioned it another race baiting address.

        The only dialogue Americans need is how to stem the flow of the PC leftist insanity on display at our universities.


        1. Michael, stay on topic. No name-calling. Political views without a grasp on history, justice or truth is worthless to humanity. Barry O does nothing for black people. He is the black face of white supremacy. Turn down your TV. Are you watching the Fox news?
          Also, clean your room.

          1. Thanks for the humor, much appreciated. As far as name calling, sorry, I tell morons when they’re being particularly moronic. If it bothers you, I’m sure BU has ample bean bag laden safe spaces for you to lick your wounds in.

            Barry O is a race baiter, his agenda is clear. I never said he did anything for black people, my implication was that he panders and stirs shit.

            Turn off pokemon go if you choose to reply to me again, it’s evidenot multi tasking is too difficult for you.

      2. The title given to this class is offensive. If the word white was exchanged for any other word they would be off campus already . Completely unexceptable . It goes against the very statements of inclusion listed on there website. Will be calling assembly woman Donna Lupardo at 607-723-9047 to have the university address this.

        1. The fact that you spelled unacceptable as “unexceptable” makes me sad and angry but I agree with you completely.

      3. You are new at this education thingy ain’t you? You speak down to people who you feel are less schooled. You ain’t the first person to go to school. People have been learning for centuries before you were here. One must use their new-found knowledge carefully as not to come off as douchy.

      4. Most find this Program Name offensive and full of this P.C. Bull that is ruining our country. However, your opinion is well taken but as you follow a long you’ll see that most disagree with your opinion and also with these very ridiculous Lefty educators in this University.

      5. Bla bla bla. Your large words and uneducated system support and hold dear racial separation. Awesome! Make the gap larger……..

      6. Since this is now about grammar, both “those that” and “people that” in your post are incorrect since you refer to people in those instances. The word for which you are looking is _who_,–as in _those who_ and _people who_.

      7. It seems that the title of the course is purposefully trying to incite people. Dividing people does not promote unity. So it seems the group or person who decided on the name of said course is or are bigot(s). Hate and love are not restricted to race. #Stopthehate

      8. In re: Abby
        I cannot honestly tell if your comment is serious or not, but the implication that certain individuals have have some sort of moral high ground over their perceived understanding of race relations in America, is the definition of ignorance. It’s just a culturally-derivative stance that ends up clouding the true progressive thought that Binghamton University promotes in it’s students.

        People have cultural differences, that’s what makes a university of Binghamton’s nature so interesting and awesome. I legitimately had the time of my life meeting new people from different backgrounds, I gained a great cultural understanding from so many different people, it was easily my greatest takeaway from my time in Vestal, it honestly makes me feel good just thinking about those times now.

        But imagine if the first week on campus, there was a manditory course titled, “White people believe racist things, here’s how you deal with them.” That’s what this RA Course is actually stating. First off, if that course was directed towards a “minority” group, the President would be handing in their resignation letter right now (deservingly so). Secondly, and more importantly, it breeds a culture of intolerance over perceived beliefs! I understand the aim of the course is probably the complete opposite, but if you need a “training course” to deal with fellow students, your peers, you’re making an assumption that people are inherently prejudiced. That’s morally disgusting.

        That type of thought is exactly what our country, and our University has been trying so hard to get away from the past 50 years. I have never have been embarrassed to be an alum until today.

      9. No, really, your grammar and that of the author are atrocious. Run Grammar Check, for the love of gawd.

      10. Abby, what a smug response for one so young. The course may in fact be a helpful course; the name is anything but. It should be changed. Oh, and by the way while you are on your mission to educate the “uneducated”…”they are attempting assist”…did you mean “to assist”? And “to those that are”…”that” should be “who”. Might want to take a grammar class, especially if you want people to pay attention to your superior intelligence and insightful comments (tongue in cheek).

  3. Classes on the link between race, crime, & intelligence should be mandatory.

    You’re getting a phony hate-degree with little basis in reality. You’re so dumb that you needed a major affirmative action bonus on your test to even get here. You’re somebody else’s evil tool and you deserve mockery.

    As a grad student i come across this shit all the time and i speak out against it. IF YOU ARE AMERICAN AND IN SCHOOL SHOW UP AND PROTEST THESE SCUM OF THE EARTH PEOPLE

    1. Yes Sir … Correct 100%
      They want you to be P.C. and feel bad because you were born into the White Race … But they ( The University ) love money .. Why .. ? Same old story … Stop the cash .. They will change in a New York minute !

  5. If you replace the word white in that hash tag with any other ethnicity or religion the Justice Dept would have launched an investigation. End of argument.

  6. his nonsense that whites can never be victims of racism because they are, simply because of their race, in positions of power and authority, has been popular in leftist circles since I was an undergraduate. Is a poor white person automatically in a position of power?

  7. Stop white people….from not committing the most crime than any other race, not committing the most murder than other race, not having the least fathers than any other race, not being unemployed than any other race, not being the most uneducated than any other race. Yes, please, someone stop all these white people from literally supporting the civilized world.

    1. you are so right. People better get off their butts and start sticking up for whats right. We have been taken over and our gov. is full of traders.

    2. What is this world coming too … ?
      Many times, when I hear about something like this (Stop White People ) training program for R.A. .. I just say “WTF ” is with these people.

    3. It’s funny how your points aren’t incorrect but at the same time your name indicates that you’re racist Klan trash.

      1. It’s funny how some people make comments and use aka names like ( Fuck BLM: example ) then others always want to JUMP up or DOWN your ass or throat . If this guy was really a Klan member he be looking for someone to push off a roof on campus by now.
        Everyone has the right to an opinion, and remember it’s our 1st Amendment right as Americans …. of course you have to believe in the Constitution. ( YOU PROGRESSIVE LEFT WING M.F. )

  8. “Naturally, we decided to check and see if this information were legitimate, and have determined that the event’s existence is well within the realm of possibilities. We would, however, love to be shown proof that the event was not part of the RA training schedule.”
    Um, maybe you should confirm whether the information is true and not just “within the realm of possibilities” before shifting the burden of proof on to others or prior to going on at length about it.

  9. It’s called the Kalergi Plan.

    ‘Diversity’ only means less white.

    Anyone pushing diversity in China, Japan, South America, Mexico, Middle East, India? Nope.

    1. Then maybe you should give this country back to native americans and head back to wherever you came from.

  10. A couple of things being looked over by many youthful Minority students these days… First, while I wouldn’t presume to suggest that White Privilege doesn’t exist, for many Whites there is only a small semblance of of it. White Trash often get harassed by police at alarming rates… take it from someone who was profiled in their youth. If you don’t believe me, go ask the next dirtbag-looking White biker you see what their experiences are with cops. Yes… it’s certainly worse for Blacks and Hispanics, especially in the sense that they can’t change their appearance, but White Privilege is not the cover-all get-out-of-jail-free card that all too many in the Minority community think it is. I do volunteer work in a small jail, and the racial population in the jail is quite in sync with the population-at-large.

    This leads into the next point. To Minority Members: believe it or not, MOST Whites are on your side… for now. Yeah… there are a LOT of people who are biased on racial fronts, but MOST are, in fact, on your side… for now. However, that can change if YOU make it. Perception is reality… despite what some of your teachers and mentors might have told you, many White people FEEL that they are often being treated in racist ways. Belittle and dismiss them at your peril. White people who have constantly been champions for racial equality can only be called ‘racist’ and told to ‘check your privilege’ so many times before they decide that enough is enough and they say: “If you are going to treat me and mine like dirt, I’m going to start responding in kind.” The divisive rhetoric of things like the topic of the current course at Binghamton is not helpful. It isn’t.

    I’m a White person who spent several years of my youth living in ‘the projects’ on welfare in an environment where I was the minority to the Black majority. As kids, we really didn’t care about race… we were just trying to survive and have some fun. In my business life, I don’t see racism… I know it still exists in pockets… I’m not naive or blind… but I go to trade shows and see multinational companies from various continents around the world with significant numbers of employees from the Black, Hispanic, etc. communities. All that most business people really care about is if one can do the job and make them money. Compared to 50… 75 years ago, the progress that has been made is AMAZING. I see salespeople, engineers, marketers and every other kind of job being held by Minority members. Walking around with a chip on one’s shoulder and expecting the worst is often a self-fulfilling prophecy. Trust me… it’s not as bad as you’ve been led to believe. Chase a good education, embrace solid communication skills, and give the world a chance. You will almost certainly be pleasantly surprised.

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    1. Most “white” (not an actual skin tone by the way) people are too busy working, Many of us are holding down two jobs in order to fight inflation and pay the outrageous taxes that support these leftist attacks.

    2. One of the organizers is indeed white and, FYI, the title was meant to be ‘ironic”, if you know what that means. People are flipping out over the name, but what matters in the content of the session, which was open and respectful, including discussion of “reverse racism.

  12. Funny how this is not considered racism, however if it said #STOPBLACKPEOPLE then it would totally be racist and all over the media. Pathetic racist MORONS!!!

    1. That’s 100% true …. if you did that your career would be finished at that University A sap ! MORONS & CLUELESS people in this world today run deep and far. A

    1. Ummm yea your right it is. #stopwhitepeople.. thats pretty racist. and if it is not. then why not title it #stopracismalltogether?

    2. Like i said if that same paper was printed with #stopblackpeople2016 people would lose their minds and cry like fkn babies. and demand apologies and everything else. I find it funny how it is only “racist” when a white person does it. Pathetic hypocrites.

  13. I have never heard of anything so ridiculous, one thing i am absolutely convinced of is that the only one’s that are hung up on race are African-Americans. Nothing will ever change for the African-American community; the primary reason is all of their problems are either due to white privilege, white prejudice, white whatever. They ignore and fail to accept responsibility for the black on black crime, the drugs, the students that are just passed to keep accreditation , the over 69% fatherless homes, the dependence on some form of aid, and the continued idolization of hip-hop artists and movies that make the hood seem like some kind of mecca and something to be proud of. The hood, ghetto or whatever the popular name is, are created by people, the people that live in those communities. The people who live in those communities want what everyone else wants, a safe community where adults and children can play, sit outside, walk to the store without fear of harm. Every African-American have reason to be proud of their history and their freedom from slavery and their continued struggle for equality the numerous inventions, and their military history to name just a few. But one has to wonder, does the African-American community share some responsibility for their continued problem, i never see them protesting the poor education they are receiving, excuses for their poor performing son’s/daughters, they continue to elect the same people that give the same results, and the birth rates for young girls and woman without fathers is going up not down. And the violence and crime continue to make the black community a risky investment for businesses, due to the high cost of insurance.
    But as long as the African-American community as a whole continues to blame everything on race and prejudice as the primary reason for the situation the African-Community is in, is the wrong message to send and suggest the African-American community take a deep look inside to find the other half of the answer.
    Prejudice and hate will always be part of life, that’s just the way it is, but it should not be the basis or foundation on which to say if it was not there an entire race would be lifted out of poverty; get a great education, reduce crime and unplanned pregnancies; we all know that is not true.
    Education and ample employment opportunities are always a way people get out of poverty, not assimilating and not admitting some responsibility is the wrong answer. This #stopblackpeople2016 may seem like a good idea on the surface but what it does is say is I am black and they are white and in order to be successful in their world this is what you have to do but outside of that environment you can be black again. Really? How about getting the best education you can, do really well and compete one on one if you are more qualified and show the desire to succeed then you got the job. We already know about the struggle of all people of color in this country, let the future struggle be about getting that job you studied so hard for. And by the way I am not white. But I’m sure some of you will find a name for those of color that are successful and that have a good job. For those of you your struggle will be much harder.

    1. Stop donations and support for this University which is truly heading in the wrong direction and has lost their way down the path of P.C. ideas that are not part of a real world.
      Over paid college professor are often way Left and are part of the Brainwashing of the belief that you should feel bad if you were born into the White Race.
      This University has to be held accountable and must stand down on this P.C. type of atmosphere of White Privileged misrepresentation of a race that really has gotten a bad rap per say ….

  14. If you are an alumni, no longer donate. When they call you, send letters, etc. you tell them no. Tell thrm this is the reason you will continue to no longer donate until this “class” is gone along with the people who created and those who supported it.

    Hey, you want to take shots at people with money and dress it up as something else, fine. Ask alumbi of color to support you. We all know the stats of the alumni who have money to those who don’t because we attended school here. Enjoy

  15. Also, call companies that sponsor events ot donate money. I’m currently tracking down other older families that have names on buildings and have funded huge donations through personal and corps that are not seeing this.

    Get rid of ever moron that supported this and those who thought it up. No money will speak louder than any protest or riot. White flight their donations.

  16. This is racist in and of itself. How about training on how to treat others with respect? How about teaching we are all doing the bset we can with what we have and know. Tolerance. Color is just another way to divide and conquer. We are all worthy.

  17. Hey, here’s an idea, let’s stop talking about “white privilege” and start talking about CLASS PRIVILEGE!!

  18. SUNY clowns might reflect on attitude of fantastic young lady gymnasts at Rio: work, hard work, and then success. SUNY clowns seem instead to reflect perspective of those whose slogan in ‘3s was “You are nothing; your race is everything” (“Du bist nichts; dein folk ist alles”).

    1. Vergogna Eminenza!Martini non perde occasione per minare il Magistero del Santo Padre. Un tempo la Chiesa prendeva le misure necessarie rispetto a queste cose, ora invece?Che Dio ci conservi a lungo il buon Papa Benedetto, abbiamo grande bisogno della Sua opera.

  19. As a white male (the lowest form of human right now) I was offended and frightened by this hashtag.

    I need to know immediately where my “safe place” is on campus.

  20. Any reason why the staff/faculty who ran this racist course were removed from the photo of this “course”? I have to wonder if this journalist was pressured to do so by the school.

    I have the original photo – would anyone like me to post it?

    1. It wasn’t a course. It was an optional one-time event for RAs. The event was set up and run by students, not faculty. Probably their names were taken off so they would not receive threats. The name of the event was stupid but meant as a joke, and the event itself was harmless. Let’s not make this bigger and badder than it ever was, because really, it wasn’t a threat to anyone.

      1. A joke … Maybe .. A Bad Joke, diffidently ! The University has lost Alumni Dollars and also a lot of the public support because of this course: Titled “Stop White People”… Again, if this title was ” Stop Black People ” … I can pretty much say it would have been much worst ( In my opinion of course ) The BLM Protesters would have been on Campus right now, a long with the National Guard, and every other group that thrives on these racist stereo type printed statements/course for R.A.
        However, these students or whomever came up with this course entitled “Stop White People ” should be called on to the carpet to explain how this happened … In this P.C. world ( Which I personally Do Not Agree with ) its a serious issue. I for one am not happy with this and demand a PUBLIC RETRACTION … & .. SOME TYPE OF RECOURSE TO STOP THIS OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIORAL ACTIVITY FROM HAPPENING AGAIN.

  21. Okay the title of this “Course” (which it’s not) is obviously bigoted and dumb, but it’s also clearly ironic and not that serious. Course content is not “anti-white” at all (whatever that means) but I agree that it shouldn’t be named some dumb hashtag that would clearly spark controversy. The name of this event is something to write about and somewhat of an issue but overreacting to it makes you look like an idiot as well. No real damage (was anyone really, honestly hurt here?) was done here unless you like to lie to yourself.

    I’m mostly disappointed in fellow liberal students who decided to name the course something so racially charged — because it gives dumb gross conservatives who are probably already balding — gross balding 20 year old conservatives who get hard when they think about criminalizing gay marriage, something to whine about and permission to cry out buzz-phrases like “leftist fascism”. The ultra left once again makes normal, nuanced and half-brained average liberals look like idiots. Don’t generalize the attitudes of young, normal, progressive people because a few made the mistake of naming a dumb “RA Training Event” very, very poorly.

    In conclusion both groups fucking suck, dumb ultra-left liberals and conservatives/libertarians who are obviously overreacting.

    1. The “course” was to indoctrinate minority students into a mindset that all whites are racist and here’s how you deal with their “good” arguments.

      It is classic far leftist/Progressive strategy – “look at that white guy over there – he hates you, he keeps you down, he steals your money, he’s privileged – stick with us and we’ll empower you”. Divide and conquer. You moderate leftists are slowly being weened out like Mensheviks.

  22. I don’t know much about SUNY Binghampton, other than it is one of the relatively few universities that offer Botany as a major, which is what my daughter is interested in. Offering a racist-named class like this definitely leaves a bad impression. It’s tough to believe that something like this could be approved.

  23. Meanwhile, at the Uni of Chicago: “We do not support so-called ‘trigger warnings,’ we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics might prove controversial, and we do not condone the creation of intellectual ‘safe spaces’ where individuals can retreat from ideas.”
    Good for them, but how long before the current admin’s DOJ unleashes hellfire on them?

  24. Amazing what nonsense get taught at some colleges these days. If someone used the term”Stop Black People” can you imagine the storm of outrage?

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  26. Everyone sucks the same. Do not care what color your skin is. If you are a POS then you are a POS. This place is turning into a bunch of weak people who do not have tough skin. These individuals know what they were doing when they made that title. They are promoting hate and need to be dealt with. Students or not they should be punished. For trying to promote hate. This is what is wrong with this weak generation. No driving force to go out and earn a good living. Want to hide behind political correctness and complain they are not getting treated fairly. Thinning they are entitled to what ever they want with out putting in time.

  27. It is my understanding, from doing a brief LinkedIn search, that these three RA’s (two of whom are white males) all hail from some of the richest neighborhoods and most elite high schools in the country. I can’t view this as racism, per se, for that reason. This- to me- seems more like a good, old-fashioned, noblesse oblige attempt to police the actions of working-class white students while doing little to nothing to examine their own privilege. Probably because they know they don’t have to.

  28. Update. CNN has picked up this story now. As per Governors office this title will never be used again . It seems that Bigot university is not ready to offer a apology yet though . As No More Money says , they need to be hit financially . Parents weekend should be interesting if they refuse to apologize . #Bigotuniversity . Once again the left wing creating problems were none existed . How did I do grammar cop.?

  29. It’s so nice to be free of the chains of oppression, isn’t it? So that now we can create our own measures of ethics and character. In essence we are now more cognizant of humanity than whites, because we’ve been reborn into a sense of injustice, right? Never mind our superiority. That’s just an offshoot of oppression. We are suddenly the only overseers of propriety and decency.
    We can nurture white guilt and direct it our way, right? Because after all, we know if they don’t sway this way when we demand we can scream that ugly word, “racism” and they will inadvertently react. We’ve already delegitimized any value their opinions may have because, after all, what the hell is white identity? Certainly, we know whites have no culture, like us, right? How could THEY understand racism? Because we all know that each and every one of them grew up with a white picket fence and three car garages. God forbid they actually say take the same pride in their heritage that we do. They are the privileged ones…each and every one of them.
    We have captured moral authority and harnessed it, haven’t we! We’ve built it into an empire. One that the media runs to cover when we burn our neighbor’s stores to the ground and stomp the hell out of our neighbor’s cars in the name of showing those whites how proud we are. If they doubt it? We prove it to them. We out shout them. We buck up and show them how we square off. We intimidate them with our aggressive responses. We are proud. We are loud. We are the moral authority. And we have history standing behind us as our resume.
    Forget that we tear each other down. Forget that our underdeveloped financial portfolios have a bit to do with our choice to have every stylish set of ‘Air Jordans’ or ‘Daddy Yankee’ 14-karat gold chains, rather than savings towards a house. So what if our credit is with Wackenhut instead of Chase bank. It’s THEIR fault we don’t own a home any pay skyrocketing rent. And just because we’d rather ride around in a BMW that we can’t really afford than a whoopty to save up for something greater, doesn’t mean we don’t suffer oppression. Why we can make it rain at the strip club, and order bottle service in Vegas. But when our light bill isn’t paid, it’s oppression.
    And screw all of those things that help us progress in the work place, like sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary. Not when we can call someone “rachet.” Much better to blame them for that too.
    Look…there is enough blame to go around for why whites have it better. But to become piteous victims isn’t helping. No group can lift another. It’s time we began to lift ourselves. It doesn’t happen with the type of dialogue when we pick fights by using taglines like “Stopwhitepeople2K16” and then become sanctimonious about it.
    I tell Latinos all of the time. Stop allowing people to take what is yours. Go claim it. But to claim it, you will have to claim one more thing, independence, not interdependence. I think this applies to everyone.

  30. As WHITE, Binghamton Alum ’99’ I am now thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed I attended such a racist university sheepishly following the liberal agenda of evil. You will never receive a penny from me.

  31. Is it any wonder the left has been losing white voters since the 80’s? The white vote for them was only 39% in 2012.

    Anyone with any rational thinking skills can see that this anti-white hatred is just below the surface of the “Progressive” movement – and this is by no means an isolated incident. This is part of a movement to indoctrinate minorities of all shades into resenting/subconsciously hating white people.
    It started with the easily debunked “white privilege”/”white systematic supremacy” theories and it will get increasingly worse from there.

    1. “There is a class of colored [Ed. and now, white] people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well.” – Booker T. Washington

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