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by Chris DeMarco

Donald Trump’s election to the presidency was a mandate from the American people to “Drain the Swamp,” or remove incompetent career bureaucrats and politicians and install outsiders with new ideas in their place. The Department of Education is one of these incompetent bureaucracies that idly sits, twiddling its thumbs, while America’s education system falls behind those of other industrialized nations. Despite Democrats rambling about eight years of disappointing results under the Obama administration (not to mention eight terrible years under Bush, along with a history of inferior American education that dates back to the Department of Education’s founding), it is time for a new direction and a new leader. Betsy DeVos is perhaps the best woman for the job. She has extensive experience in helping low income students get the quality education they require, the same education that students from wealthier families receive. Critics claim that she is unqualified, but she is the leading advocate for conservative education reform helping to rescue thousands of disadvantaged students from failing Michigan public schools. Critics also claim that she does not have a degree in education, but neither did Bush or Clinton’s secretaries of education. Yes she is an outsider, but an outsider with relevant experience and that is what the American people mandated by electing Donald Trump.

Mrs. DeVos’s largest accomplishment has been her championing of school choice. Students with financial resources can escape failing public schools. It is a travesty that low-income, and often minority, students do not have the resources to do the same and choose the best school available.  Not to mention, it is unfair that parents who do choose to send their children to a non-public school have to essentially pay twice for their children to go to school. Families and students deserve the right to choose which school their taxpayer-funded tuition goes to. Aside from allowing more options and equality for families and students, school choice will make public education better. It is a basic rule of economics, understood by everyone, (except progressives, and most Democrats) that a free market encourages competition. Today’s public education system is a monopoly, and this is detrimental for schools. If public schools had to compete with private schools for funding they would have to significantly step up their game, by any means possible. If nobody chose to attend public schools as a result, so be it. American public schools are not too big to fail. It is far more preferable for a school to fail than for the school to fail its students, as too often is the case in today’s system. Mrs. DeVos’s school choice ideas will help to eliminate the socioeconomic and racial disparities in American education today, something that Democrats and progressives should wholeheartedly support.  

Needless to say, Democrats are strongly opposed to DeVos with every single Democratic senator voting against DeVos’s nomination, and by extension, equality of education. The reason for this Democratic opposition is Teacher’s unions. Teacher’s unions are some of the biggest contributors to Democratic PACs. How a public service union became one of the most partisan political forces in the country is an article topic for another day, but it reeks of corruption. The swamp must be drained, and the fact that Teacher’s unions are so strongly opposed to DeVos’s nomination goes to show that they feel insecure in their positions, which, quite frankly, is a good thing. Public School teachers enjoy higher pay than their non-public counterparts, along with benefits that cannot be found anywhere in the private sector. Even worse, it is next to impossible to fire a tenured teacher, no matter how incompetent. In the free market (AKA the real world to us red-pilled conservatives), ineffective employees are simply fired, but because this is the government, for some strange reason it doesn’t work that way. School choice puts bad teachers on the chopping block, where they ought to be, by taking tuition money from ineffective schools and giving it to effective schools, whether public or private. Betsy DeVos is not influenced by the corrupt teachers unions, and will not hesitate to fight unions for the good of our children, as any true reformer ought to do.

Instead of allowing underprivileged students to attend the same excellent schools as their privileged counterparts, the Democrats, goaded by the teachers unions, would much rather that everyone, rich and poor, black and white, go to failing schools. This is the so-called “progressive” vision for schools. Betsy DeVos is a knight in shining armor for those who believe in the right of every student to attend the best school possible. She deserves support from both sides of the political aisle in her quest to create a superior, egalitarian American education system.

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