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by Professor Victor Skormin

It is plain stupid to talk about guns in connection with this tragedy. This, and similar tragedies, are not caused by guns. They are caused by defective-minded people. Nazi criminals and Pol Pot’s commissars are blamed directly, and nobody (yet) blamed guns for their mass murders. Indeed, obesity is not caused by spoons.

What stops the authorities from subjecting known mentally ill individuals to psychological evaluation, if necessary forcefully? It is the concern of violating the civil rights of these few individuals. But it is not logical. Taking guns from millions of law-abiding citizens, despite our Bill of Rights, violates the rights of millions. Do you feel the difference? Psychological evaluation of a few sick people with consequent measures will surely help. Taking guns from millions of law-abiding citizens will NOT help because murderers to be will always find ways to obtain guns. The recent Texas murders were not caused by guns – the perpetrator used explosives.  Do you feel the difference? Each of these tragedies could be avoided, but authorities are more concerned about the rights of murderers then the rights of the victims. Liberals do not care about the rights of millions of citizens and exploit preventable human tragedies to promote their agendas. Too bad.

Note that the percentage of the population that kills other people is much less than .01%. The main challenge is to detect the potential murderers BEFORE they committed the murder. In Florida, this opportunity was missed. Fortunately, these outcasts are recognizable and detectable, providing that our authorities are assigned/ authorized to act. If this is the case, why are there so many gun control advocates? Because it is easy – the law abiding will comply and submit their guns. It is only the outcasts who will not comply. Why? Because they need guns to kill. And because of this, strict anti-gun measures are destined to fail. They may look good on some politicians’ resumes; perhaps this is the intended purpose of anti-gun laws.

In regards to arming school teachers, a friend of mine suggested that she would trust 99% of teachers with guns. Perhaps it is a fair assessment. But the problem is this very special fraction of 1 percent. I do not have statistics, but in the news, we often hear about some immature teachers and their carnal relationships with students. Imagine some immature teachers shooting their lovers in a fit of jealousy, broken relationships, love triangles, simple gun accidents, etc. Immaturity is the key word. Israeli teachers are armed, but please keep in mind that most of them have been in the army and are very proficient in handling guns. It is not a good idea to arm teachers. The existing system is good but must be fixed: those who are hired to enforce order in schools must not hide away when, God forbid, shooting erupts.

One kind and thoughtful lady recently said: Why do you NRA people refuse to give up just “a little of your rights” to make our lives safer. Please realize that our safety can be assured only by blacklisting (perhaps a local judge must be involved) those few who are mentally unstable (perhaps our lawyers should create a legal procedure). The unstable ones must give much more than “a little”: they must be completely denied access to guns. But applying legal pressure at citizens in general will not work at all. Please realize that “preventing access to guns” is an incomplete childish sentence – the complete sentence is “preventing access to guns of sick people.” What happened in Florida is a failure of the national security system. Placing the fault on guns is an escape route that will lead us to a new tragedy.

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  1. This is ridiculous. I’ve been studying psychology for 6 years and I can assure you that there is data and there are many studies that indicate that the vast majority of gun violence is committed by people who are not mentally ill. Other “developed” nations of a comparable size to the U.S. experience far fewer mass shootings because they have common sense gun law legislation. This misconception fuels stigma against people who actually have mental illnesses so I recommend that you actually do some research before spreading misinformation.

    “Evidence is clear that the large majority of people with mental disorders do not engage in violence against others, and that most violent behavior is due to factors other than mental illness” (Swanson, McGinty, Fazel, & Mays, 2015).

    1. “Other “developed” nations of a comparable size to the U.S. experience far fewer mass shootings because they have common sense gun law legislation. ”

      Hmmm, do those comparable nations also have the same race relation problems like the US? If so-called “common sense gun law regulations” work, then why do states like Vermont where there is a high concentration of firearms have such a low murder rate? “Common sense gun regulation” is a misnomer since the people that support them, like yourself, lack common sense. They cling to their logical fallacies, debunked studies, and mental gymnastics until even those fail and then they just switch to the same tired ad hominems, which don’t prove anything and are merely projections. Pseudo-intellectual hacks like yourself, David Hogg, and Emma Gonzales are the reasons why political left is on the brink of extinction.

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