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By: Franklin Wilson

Jeffery Epstein died early last month of an apparent suicide, but due to the suspicious circumstances of his death, many people (myself included) believe that Epstein was murdered, or “suicided”. The term “suicided,” which many truthers have used in reference to Epstein’s death, means a murder that is made to look like a suicide. The reason for making a murder seem like a suicide is so that it won’t be investigated. 

Epstein was revealed to have been operating a secret “pedophilia island” called “Little St. Jeff” in the US Virgin Islands, and he has been known to have connections to many powerful people including, but not limited to: Donald Trump, the Clintons, and Prince Andrew, some of which have been accused of visiting the island. The Clintons in particular seem to be the ones most suspected of murdering Epstein in online communities due to previous conspiracies and the already-widespread distrust of their family. There is not enough information to single out any entity in particular for Epstein’s death, and it will likely remain that way as there is no current homicide investigation.

Now let’s discuss the suspicious circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death. Two days before Epstein passed, he signed a will. This may seem to suggest a suicide as Epstein was preparing for his death, but the detailed journal of his relationships with powerful people that he kept as “insurance” puts this will into a new context: Epstein likely predicted that someone was going to try to pick him off and prepared for his death. It is unknown if a hit man was sent to kill Epstein or if he was forced to commit suicide, but in a jail that holds prisoners of all security levels, neither should be possible. It is also impossible to review what happened as the two cameras watching Epstein’s cell were broken. Epstein’s cellmate was also transferred at his own request after receiving threats from guards, leaving Epstein alone in his cell. Epstein was reportedly fearful of his former cellmate. Another inmate claimed Epstein could not have committed suicide because the cell blankets are flimsy and the ceiling is 8 to 9 feet with nothing to connect to. The last time Epstein had a cell mate was a few hours before his death.

In addition, the guards who were supposed to patrol the cell block were Jeffery Epstein died, one of which was not a regular guard, fell asleep, creating a three hour window in which anyone could have strolled in past the sleeping guards, under the broken cameras,  found Epstein alone in his cell, snapped his neck, and left. A pathologist hired by Epstein’s brother even stated that Epstein’s injuries more closely resemble homicidal strangulation than suicide. It should also be mentioned that Jeffery Epstein was on suicide watch, which would have put him in a cell away from anything he could have used to hurt himself (like the bed sheets he allegedly hung himself with), but for whatever reason he was taken off. Perhaps this was to give more credibility to the suicide story, or maybe he was pressured by some entity to kill himself. Either way, Epstein’s death would have been arranged by some other entity.

Epstein died of a broken neck, supposedly from him hanging himself, but many people aren’t convinced. This isn’t just conspiracy theorists either, even Epstein’s own lawyer isn’t convinced that Epstein killed himself. Even a month after Epstein’s death, new revelations about his death and about his connections to entities like Harvard and MIT (But not Binghamton, probably) continue to surface. Did Epstein really commit suicide? Only one person (or perhaps a few) truly know.


Updated October 30, 2019: information about autopsy

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