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By Lacey Kestecher

About four months ago, Bob Lazar made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast. While Rogan’s podcasts can range up to four hours in length, Lazar’s was on the shorter end of the spectrum, lasting only a little over two hours. Over the course of solely a few days, this episode had become one of the most popular podcasts offered on Apple. 

It’s now three months later, and the public is still talking about it. 

Through a discussion about unearthly objects and aliens, this conversation was well received by the public. Due to Americans’ distrust in the government, people took interest in hearing about government secrets relating to space and galactic research. Area 51 – where Lazar worked and claims to have seen extraterrestrial objects – has become a popular topic in current conversations for everyone ranging from conspirists to partiers. 

While Lazar’s podcast appealed to a crowd of people consistent with scientists, students and curious internet browsers, Area 51 quickly took a turn towards attracting a younger crowd of social media users. It all began when a man named Matty Roberts posted a public event on Facebook named “Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us”. While it was supposed to be a joke amongst himself and his friends and family, the event got at first hundreds, then thousands and eventually millions of views by people who expressed interest in visiting the now famed Area 51. People online speak of raiding the military base to search the region for aliens, space ships and hidden space discoveries; however, this has sparked concern from both the federal government and Lazar. Given that Area 51 is used for military procedures, Lazar took to Twitter to express to people hoping to peek across the grounds and see flying UFOs that they risk being shot and killed upon storming its base.  

While these safety warnings are meant to deter people away from traveling to Nevada’s Area 51, they have frightened very few people and rather extended the invitation to more. The “raid” has rather turned into party consistent with listening to musicians, celebrating aliens and hopefully spotting a few spaceships in the night sky. Lincoln County – where Area 51 is situated – has an economy which is comparatively as dry and barren as its landscape. The unexpected fame and popularity which has recently struck Area 51 is promising an economic boom for Nevada, and on September 20th, all food supplies will be used, hotels are going to be sold out and concerts fully booked. Officials have gone as far to state that they are concerned with being able to accommodate all tourists and provide all travelers with food. Regardless of the unexpected yet necessary preparation happening in Nevada, the ambiance at Area 51 will surely be lively and luminous. 

As September 20th comes near, and Americans prepare to see UFOs and aliens, it must be noted that the Area 51 raid is more than a celebratory festival. It is symbolic of a coming together of the American people to combat an omnipotent national government. It is an investigation into the secrets which are hidden from the larger society. It is a chance for everyday Americans to display the danger of corrupt forces. 

So, go ahead, buy a ticket to Nevada and get ready to storm the base. After all, the government can’t be stronger than all good-willed Americans combined. Grab a pair of running shoes, a pair of night vision goggles and a clear-shooting camera. Afterwards, make a run for Area 51, meet up with a few aliens and then enjoy the concert, living life freely alongside a few extraterrestrial friends.

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