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Divest Bing Member

This spooky costume takes a little bit of time to prepare. With 6 years of childhood neglect, 12 years of not being bullied enough, two months without a shower, and three hair dye appointments, you will be well on your way to completing your “Divest Bing Member” cosplay.


Justin Trudeau

First, you are going to want to get some black paint. Like, a LOT of black paint. Next, grab one of your adult diapers (we know you have them) and place it on your head. That’s it.


Slutty Thanos

First, you are going to want to get some purple paint. Like, a LOT of purple paint. Typically, sexiness isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe, but this costume does put a smile on my face. Just be careful not to snap your fingers, if you do half of all clothing in the universe will disappear 😉



First, you are going to want to get some paint…


Lebron James

Empty your mouth for this one, you’re gonna need the space. This costume is fairly easy once you are able to obtain a Lakers jersey and Chinese penis. Just put the the former on your back and the latter in your mouth.


Jeffrey Epstein’s Killer(s)

The joke is that he didn’t kill himself.

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