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Last week, the Binghamton Review community lost one of its own. Franklin “Fucktard” Wilson was a freshman cinematography major with hopes of one day working for his favorite film company, Brazzers. He was best known for his article “Jeffrey Epstein Was Definitely Suicided,” which was published in Vol. XXXII, Is. II of Binghamton Review. Franklin was born April 20th, 2001 at Obama’s birthplace in Kenya. At age six he moved to little St. Jeff, where he discovered his love for loli hentai and edgy memes. He died a virgin (unsurprisingly), as he was found dead in his dorm room on Friday afternoon. His cause of death was found to be two gunshot wounds in the back of the head. The death has been labelled a “suicide.” His last spoken words are unknown, but his last written words were a tweet sent out on Thursday night which read “I have information that will lead to Hillary Clinton’s arrest.” When asked for comment about Franklin’s death, his mother said “about time lmao.” Franklin’s father is still in denial, claiming “that shithead ain’t my son.” A service for Franklin will not be held as nobody wants to attend.

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