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By Musclini

Still trying to change the minds of liberals? That’s cringe bro. If your goal is to inflate your ego by “proving” the other side wrong, okay fine, but if your objective is to actually alter the way your counterpart thinks and make them an epic conservative like you, I got news for ya. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME. “No, that can’t be. All my favorite TV show and movie characters always change their beliefs, durrrrrrrr.” That’s you, absolutely pathetic. Whether you like it or not, your politics are mostly predetermined. You may temporarily change your view on some issues due to the acquisition of new knowledge (I used to be a libertarian back when I only utilized about 105 of my 260 available IQ points), but ultimately your take on a certain topic will boil down to traits which have been proven to have a heritability of over .4 (and it only increases with time). Don’t believe me? Just ask Hatemi PK, McDermott R, Eaves LJ, Eysenck HJ, Martin NG or any of the other researchers that helped me develop these scary opinions.

Now, that said, there are two types of liberals in terms of thought process. Type 1 depends entirely on those inherited traits and lets their results combine with the constant stream of garbage that comes out of our media, news, or otherwise, to form their views. Type 2 is smart enough to see the end result of liberal policy actions, but supports them for self-serving or group-serving reasons and finds creative ways to push them into the mainstream consciousness. For the most part in our society, the latter fills up the media and other authoritative societal roles, while the former eats up everything they say. You will not convince Type 1 liberals because their media masters fill them with nonsense that molds well with their traits faster than you could ever wreck them with facts and logic. You certainly can’t convince Type 2 liberals because they know all the relevant facts and don’t care, with most of their justifications just being lies anyway. For that reason, most issues are just pointless to argue. I’m sure that by this point most of the low IQ dum-dums have already checked out, so for those who remain, here are some key examples of pointless discussion topics between liberals and yourself.

Suffrage Laws

Now I’ll start off with an easy one so your pea brains may be able to understand my genius perspective. Any form of voter law is a perfect example of my point. Every single law that changes the voting process, whether that be expanding or restricting the voting rights of groups, or changing the way voting is done to complicate or ease the process, will help one party or the other. With that premise established, and let’s take this slowly, we are going to think about why any specific issue regarding voting might be getting a lot of attention from one side or the other. This level of thinking should be straight baby mode for some people, but I want to get everyone to at least think about it. Why would Democrats push for felons to get the right to vote? Is it because they want to “promote freedom and democratic rights, regardless of one’s background”? No, though they’ll say that. It’s because they like to win elections, you can’t convince them otherwise. The left’s end goal on this one is not to “expand and enhance democracy,” it’s to expand and enhance their political authority and ensure they will never lose an election again. With that in mind, next time you are really getting into it with a libby about some law regarding illegal immigrants voting or voter ID laws and they start taking a moral stance, just remember that if they aren’t lying directly to you about their intentions, they are indirectly through their media master’s fabricated talking points.

Tech Censorship

Now on this one, conservatives suck too, because while we love to poke fun at these “snowflakes” and their “safe spaces,” we tend not to care very much when these same “snowflakes” rally and start removing us from online platforms. In fact, many right-leaning people either support the silencing, or believe that tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter should be able to do this because they are “private companies.” Oh right, but if we don’t like the way a company operates, someone will just make one to rival it, right? Hey dumbass, it ever occur to you that there might not be “another Google” or “another Facebook” being made in a little while (many election cycles), and letting them do this will DESTROY OUR DAMN MOVEMENT? Oh and by the way, these companies are doing just fine financially despite their discrimination, with the mighty free market punishing conservative alternatives who try to challenge the liberal monopoly on thought. Really makes you think. The liberal endgame here is obviously to silence us, starting at the fringes and moving in over time, this is not the hard part. The hard part of this issue is to get the “b-b-but *sniff**sob**sniff* private companies have a moral obligation to abuse us, and you need to rival GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, TWITTER, and FACEBOOK in order to make any progress in pushing forward our political views” mindset out of our heads. HOLY SHIT, DO YOU WANT TO LOSE? You people are pathetic, when we get gulaged, it’s your fault. We need to either destroy Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook or force them to act how WE want them to. I’m not pro-tyranny, im pro-winning.


This next one is going to blow you away, ready? Your political opponents and their puppet masters in Washington and in the media don’t want you, their enemy, to be able to defend yourself. SAY WHAT????? TRUTH BOMB ALERT, BOOOOOOOOM. This seems like an easy enough concept, but when I hear conservatives talking about how liberals are “going too far with these crazy gun control ideas” I start to think that people just don’t get it. You know politicians only talk about mass shootings because it gets their agenda passed, right? As tragic as these incidents are, every legislation that follows them are not designed to prevent another shooting, but further the ends of anti-gun politicians. So let’s calm down with all of our gun statistics and phrases like “if we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns” because they don’t care about crime prevention, they care about having weakened opponents. Liberals like to powergrab, and nothing is more dangerous than when conservatives try to empathize and meet them in the middle with some kind of “common sense” gun control measure. These people don’t negotiate, they take and take and take, and they will never give back, SO STOP GIVING IN.

Bottom line is that politics is a game, with a large component being justification. You find cute new ways to paint your greed and hunger for power and see which one the foolish masses like the most. And yes, our side does do the same thing, with those few on top feeding the masses with their interests, but the difference is that our side’s interests are glorious, honorable, and good for the country, and everyone left of center hates America. When arguing with left-leaning people you are draining yourself of time and effort that could be used towards actions that actually achieve our political goals, like having kids and passing on your conservatism to the next generation (because politics are genetic). So if there’s anything I want you to take away from this masterpiece, it’s vote red, get your conservative family and friends voting red, and keep producing children (once you become financially stable). With God on our side, we will win this war of ideas, but only through clearing our minds and identifying our problems, no apologies, no negotiations.


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  2. Hi-ya Skipper, These Are Some ‘Dangerous’ ‘Opinions’, Better Make Sure The ‘Liberals’ Don’t See This ‘One’ LOLOLOLOL

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    Nice work Musclini! Very insightful!

  4. Hatemi PK, McDermott R, Eaves LJ, Eysenck HJ, Martin NG or any of the other researchers that helped me develop these scary opinions says:

    It’s all true!

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