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Amerikkka: Is there any way to ignore the blatant, systemic oppression of a good portion of the population throughout our country’s history? To make a better America, the entire thing needs to be cancelled and rebuilt.

Binghamton Review: For over 30 years the racist, sexist fascists at the Review have been spewing their hateful content at our beloved University. If anyone needs to be cancelled to make this college a safe, welcoming environment, it should be the Review.

Christianity: Not only does Christianity fuel bigotry, racism, and sexism…yeah, that’s it. Religion is stupid and Christianity is the stupidest of them.

Dr. Suess: The “red fish” in “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” implies that Dr. Suess is a conservative, therefore he must be canceled. It should be “Black Fish, Gay Fish, Trans Fish, Latinx Fish”.

Elephant: The symbol of the most racist political party in America. Republicans, if you’re reading this, stop your cultural appropriation. Elephants belong to Africa and Asia, not America!!

Freedom: If you leave your house for any reason, you WILL kill my grandma. No, it was definitely you, NOT Cuomo!

Gender binary: Humans aren’t meant to be put into boxes, and traditional gender roles serve only to please those cisgendered white men in power. Ancient cultures had fluid genders; damn Western civilizations ruined it for the rest of us!

Heterosexuals: How boring, right? Either these folx are some of the most sexually dull people alive or they’re slaves to societal expectations of intimacy and romance. Bring a fursuit and a strap-on or get out.

IBM: A racist company, founded by a Nazi sympathizer, that employs predominantly white engineering students. How terrible can you get?

Jeff Bezos: How dare one man create a service so ubiquitous to modern life that national and international commerce would collapse without it? His workers are exploited, even with their $15 minimum wage. Maybe we need to bring that guillotine back to his house? In protest, of course!

Kavanaugh: How did this rapist trust fund kid get to be one of the most powerful members of our entire federal government? We’ll simply be ignoring all of his judicial rulings until the day he dies, which will be a wonderful day.

Landlords: Imagine being so lazy that you only make your money off of people that cannot afford land. There’s absolutely no risk involved in acquiring private property; who says any one person should “own” it? Mao had the right idea.

Microaggressions: It’s the current year. Watch what you say and how you act against historically marginalized populations. We didn’t think this had to be said in *the current year*, but it bears repeating.

Nancy Pelosi: She’s horrible, but we hate her for different reasons than those deplorable Republicans. Saying that the Democratic party is fundamentally capitalist, stalling the clear grassroots progressive movement in America, and simply being in office well into her 80s means that Pelosi is the one thing between fresh, eager activists and real change.

Oompa Loompas: Orange men bad!

Penises: Society has progressed beyond the need for cisgendered men. Let’s keep a few around for furthering the human race and sterilize or disenfranchise the rest.

Qanon: Need we say more? These horrible people are anti-science, conspiracy-touting maniacs (ableism suspended for the moment). They desecrated the halls of our democracy and put everything we’ve worked for at risk with their lies. Plus, ALL REPUBLICANS AND LIBERTARIANS BELIEVES IN QANON!!!!!

Reverse racism: How do you cancel something that doesn’t exist? Easy: repeat that it doesn’t exist. Keep in mind, especially white people that claim reverse racism is real, that racism’s LITERAL definition is “Power plus privilege”. White people are the only group in today’s world with overall privilege, so any attack on them cannot be full-blown racism.

Silence: It’s violence. If you’re not standing up for the downtrodden, you’re actively enabling oppressors. Never stop revolting against systemic oppression.

Tommy Gagliano: Tommy has a history of publishing racist, sexist and generally offensive material… hold Tommy Gagliano and his writers accountable under the hate speech and Binghamton publication expectations of the student conduct handbook.

Ultimate, Smash Bros.: One of the people who played this game competitively turned out to be a pedophile. Therefore, anyone who plays this game must be a pedophile. This game has also been the topic of two Binghamton Review articles, so clearly it is also racist. We honestly don’t know which is worse. Please take a shower.

Volcels: These bigots claim that they abstain from sex because of their “Morality” but we all know that they’re doing to so they can refuse sex to trans people. How dare they commit these violent acts of transphobia!

White people: Even after acknowledging one’s own privilege because of one’s skin color, a white person cannot be truly free of the inherent violence that their existence means for BIPOC and AAPI folx. The best hope for them is to make constant apologies for their race and give financial help to marginalized communities.

Xenophobia: This bigoted attitude led to the humanitarian crisis at the southern US border, as well as fostering anti-Black and brown sentiment among white America for so many years. Xenophobia should simply be cancelled at this point.

 Youtube: This social media site is home to racists such as Ben Shapiro, Stephen Crowder and Dave Rubin, If you use it, only stick to bread-tube and Contrapoints.

Zionists: Fueled by colonizers in the wake of the two World Wars, Zionists stole the land of Palestine from its rightful inhabitants. BDS for lyfe! We’re sure this movement couldn’t possibly be antisemitic at all…

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