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Piper Dreamer (They/Them)

As we move further into 2021, I realize how many issues of the past still linger. One issue in particular is racial equity and the treatment of marginalized groups. Recently, we have seen many demonstrations of social justice, from the disruption of racists here at Binghamton to the creation of The Revolutionary CHAZ, to even online activism on sites like Twitter and TikTok. These feats have been instrumental in changing the way we see race and identity. Yet, progress in terms of outcomes has only been gradual, as many stubborn Americans still cling to old ideals such as “liberty” and ”responsibility.” Ew! It’s problematic that people still value these relics of the dark ages. I feel that it is time to consider using government force to create what the people would see as a truly equitable society.

Marginalized groups have been oppressed for years. Despite all of our progress, this trend of oppression has continued into the 21st century. First, there was 9/11, which was used as an excuse to reinstitute colonialism in the Middle East through endless wars. As a result, America was able to obtain cheap oil, which ONLY benefits white Americans. Even things like technological improvements have had their drawbacks. For example, the creation of the internet led to a rise in microaggressions. One time I was on a Reddit thread talking about my transition and one of the comments said: “she is so brave”. WTF!!!! My pronouns are they/them. It’s literally in my name!!!!!!  Even as progressive movements like BLM cropped up, stubborn Americans would produce counter-movements to steal away sympathy. STOP THIS, it’s OUR sympathy, not yours! This all eventually culminated with the election of the Orange Man (not going to say his name), the darkest day in American history. As president, the Orange Man would go on to sign racism into law with cruel acts like forcing the children of undocumented migrants into cages. This is something that no empathetic person, and certainly no Democrat, would do. He would act as an apologist for neo-Nazis, claiming “there were fine people on both sides.” IF ONE SIDE WAS COMPOSED OF PEOPLE WHO ARE LITERALLY HITLER, DOES THAT SOUND FINE TO YOU? While heroic members of the resistance would attempt to block his government-mandated bigotry, stubborn Americans would label any criticism as “T***p derangement syndrome.” Media outlets such as The Daily Wire even cropped up to promote his BIG LIE. Since the Orange Man had (illegitimately) taken office, his cruelty has begun to trickle down to the local levels of society. As a survivor of these dreadful years, I feel it is appropriate to share my story. One of the worst microaggressions I ever encountered happened last week. I was asking my economics professor if he could curve my exam grade from 20% to passing and he said “no, it’s not in the class syllabus.” Furious at his unjust discrimination against womxn, I let out a piercing “REEEEEE” in hopes that he would reconsider. I was then forced out of his office by UPD. This is clear evidence that bigotry has arrived on campus.

Clearly, American society needs to be restructured. While a non-intellectual might question how to accomplish this change, I’ve learned from my Intro to American Government class that the best way is to use the government. The government has given us so many good things: public schools, the New Deal, and abortions, to name a few. You can even see that in government-run economies such as in Germany and Denmark, not only is there more racial equity, but their citizens are really nice and anti-racist. The only problem with government action is that we aren’t using it enough. This is because progressive activists have idiotically stood by as moderate scum like Joe Biden and “dirty cop” Kamala Harris are chosen for office instead of truly revolutionary figures like Comrade Sanders (Ily Bernie :)). Progressives need to learn a clear message: if they just sit back and compromise with moderate liberals, then the revolution will never commence. 

To truly “be the change you want to see in the world,” we must enact change ourselves, right here, right now. To accomplish this, progressives must be willing to fight. In the fight, we embrace uncivil methods of discourse. Conservatives and liberals have convinced many to denounce progressive values through their lies and manipulation. This must stop. We must disrupt and prevent all those who wish to spread lies to the public. Good ways to go about this include censoring bad ideas and canceling problematic individuals. If this isn’t enough then we must stop them by whatever means necessary. Now, let me just say that I am not advocating for any violence at all. I do, however, believe that our goals can best be achieved by silencing individuals who spread lies and gaining as much attention to the movement as possible. Whether it be through loud activism, rioting, or even the destruction of property, any publicity is good publicity. Once we gain the power we deserve, we can employ more drastic measures. Ideally, all white, cis-racial, cisgender men will be re-educated in subsidized colleges on the values of social justice. If Whitey does not comply, then he will be sent to the mandatory labor camps where he will moderate internet websites for alt-right trolls and Russian bots. Once we gain the reigns of power, then we can create a truly free and democratic government.

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