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By The Joker?

I’m a lot like the Joker. 

To me, it seems

I’m tied up in strings of cringe American dreams

I don’t like college, I don’t want a career

I’m losing at Mario Kart and I hate it here

I get so worried I pull out my hair

I attract your girlfriend with my sigma stare 

The impermanence of everything weighs me down

It slips through my fingers 

I grasp at the ground

It’s gone now. Or was it ever there?

I stare through the wall with my virgin glare.

I feel numb and look like shit

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck tit

I want to smash glass with a baseball bat

And then I’d eat it. Tasty Snack.

Is it cool to be infinitely sad?

If nothing matters, how could it be bad?

If nothing matters, how could I be wrong?

Could my fight against the world go on for that long?

Finally stop talking and not have to think?

Sink in the cum rather than cum in the sink?

My sigma stare—I take it down

I don the mask

I walk the town

I’m dark and brooding

And tough as nails

And love to salt shake the shake salt with the snails

Everything’s bleak when inside you’re grey

Not you, you’re rainbow. Your mom is gay.

Me? I’m based. I’m misunderstood.

I carpet my life over sticky hardwood.

I still believe the Earth is flat

I can get better

Still waiting on that 

Holding my breath, red, until my eyes tear

There are no happy endings.


Not even here. 

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