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Greetings, my Dear Readers. Happy Halloween! I hope that this issue of the Review finds you in good spirits. If your spirits are lousy, then for a few fleeting moments you can forget about your miserable and pathetic life, and laugh at our jokes and wonder in awe at our tremendous insight.

I was at a party the other night and within five minutes, two people approached me to compliment me on the Review’s first Fall 2013 issue. One of them was someone I knew, but the other person was a girl who recognized me from the photo of me in the inside flap and went out of her way to tell me that, despite being a hardcore liberal, she admired the quality of the Review. Now that’s something to be proud about!

Some of you who are reading this may be wondering: Why the hell do the editors of the Review keep going on and on about how great they are? I’m not quite sure about what the answer to this question is myself, but I’ll try my best:

First of all, the Review is very self-aware, and we are proud of the fact that we are the only publication on campus with consistent quality, entertaining, and insightful writing. (Which is basically saying that we think we’re the best because we’re the best. I’m not a philosophy major, so please excuse this bit of circular logic.)

Secondly, we are a conservative magazine (well, we’re really mostly libertarians now, but shhh!) and conservatives do think that some traditions are important. For us, one of these traditions is for the tone of our writing to be pompous and arrogant, but also hilarious and penetrating. I’ve recently gone on a binge of reading our past issues (Try it sometime! They’re all on our website, going back to 1987), and our sense of self-importance is one of the things that has remained constant in the Review throughout all these years. The Campus Left is all but gone, but we’re still here.

With Love and Pride, Dan Milyavsky

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