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 Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Never forget, never again. It is unconscionable that something as horrifying and so clearly immoral as the Holocaust as permitted to happen at all, let alone within the past century. Who knows about what countless scientific advances and other contributions to the well-being of humans all around the world could have taken place if 6 million Jews had not perished in Europe. I am extremely lucky to have been born in America, and that my grandparents lived far enough East to be able to avoid the fate of so many of those less fortunate. Otherwise, I would not be alive today.
 A homeless man named Jerome Murdough was arrested in New York City for trespassing. He was formerly a Marine and was mentally ill. While in custody in a Riker’s Island jail, the temperature in his cell went up so high that he baked to death. The punishment for the guards tasked with his well-being? A 30 day suspension. Thanks, unions!
 Ahhh, Cliven Bundy. Bundy is a rancher in Nevada who grazes his cattle on land that belongs to the Federal Government. The Feds have no business owning the land; they own 85% of the land in Nevada, while owning less than 1% of the land in, say, New York. This is a gross injustice. Anyhow, Bundy hasn’t paid his grazing fees since 1993, so the Bureau of Land Management sent agents to seize his cattle. Heavily armed militia members rode down to the rescue, and the BLM backed off. Someone beat the government after all! Then Bundy said some stupid racist things about slavery. It happens, I guess.
 Speaking of stupid racism, the owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling, told his girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend or whatever, that he doesn’t want her associating with black people in public. The audio of this conversation is now public, and Sterling is understandably in a lot of hot water. For the record, Sterling was a donor to the Democratic Party. PLOT TWIST!
 The State of Michigan banned affirmative action via referendum. The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 vote, said this was constitutional. Why do four justices think that banning racial discrimination is unconstitutional?
 Russia is still messing around in Ukraine. Putin is arming pro-Russian militia groups there, who are stirring up trouble in Ukraine’s East.
 After spending $248 million, Oregon has given up trying to fix its health care exchange website, and Oregon residents will now use the federal cite. That’s a quarter of a billion dollars wasted! Can you ever imagine a private company wasting that much money?!
 John Oliver has a new show on HBO called Last Week Tonight. It’s actually really good! And, judging at least by the first episode, relatively devoid of humor-killing liberal bias!




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