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Dear Readers,

Congratulations to the Class of 2015. Take your state-subsidized degrees and go make us proud. Wear Binghamton University as a badge of honor, and don’t do anything to tarnish our growing reputation. Please. Binghamton Review will be losing our former Editor-in-Chief Daniel Milyavsky to the real world, which you can read about in his “Farewell Binghamton” article. Dan will be dearly missed, especially when it comes to Press Watch. Verbally abusing other publications was a favorite pastime of his, and he was quite good at it. For as long as I remember Dan’s involvement with The Review, he has wanted a scantily clad woman on the cover of this fine publication, and we have always managed to avoid doing that because it would be hard to work in organically. Anybody that knows Dan knows that he is quite the persistent character, and doing so for his final issue would have been a last hurrah of sorts. We almost caved and did so on the back cover just for him, but we didn’t. You get to enjoy the Washington Monument instead! Anyways, best of luck to Dan, and to the rest of the graduating students.

This past semester has acted as a transitionary period for the publication in my eyes, and I am quite pleased with the direction we are heading. I would like to thank everybody that has contributed this year, and am looking forward to continued high quality writing from you all. However, there is always room for different opinions and perspectives at Binghamton Review so I am looking forward to seeing new faces next year as well. Next year, the goal is expansion in every sense of the word. More frequent publishing. Longer publications. And overall, a larger presence. And of course, absolutely tearing Hillary Clinton and the RINOs that run for President apart is another goal for next year. That should be fun.

The good weather is here, and here to stay until our next semester in this frozen tundra begins. Of course, the weather always gets nice as the spring semester is winding down, leaving students with the hard choice between spending their time with the formerly AWOL sun or spending their last moments reading textbooks that they have become all too familiar with. Of course, the correct action in this situation is to study and then take a break by going outside and reading this issue of Binghamton Review from cover to cover. Seriously though, as tempting as the nice weather is, it will be here for the next few months. We’re this close to freedom, let’s finish strong.

– Sean Glendon

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