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Epiphany Munoz, who is a member of Students for Change, lost the election for VPMA. The first time she ran, she was the only one on the ballot, and got 70% of the votes, but that election was disqualified because she used a BlackBoard class listserv to campaign, which is prohibited. In the next election, Ruslan Klafehn ran on a write-in campaign. Nobody really knew what his platform was, but SfC wanted to ban Yik Yak, so all over Yik Yik there were posts urging students to either vote for Ruslan or vote for someone else. We did not endorse Ruslan, because at the political roundtable event he said some leftie nonsense about the need for a racial dialogue and a conversation about race (as if that hasn’t been going on non-stop for the past at least 30 years). But at least he’s not in SfC (he tried to attend one of their planning meetings, and they didn’t let him). He initially got 38% of the vote, and 40% was needed to win, but after the votes that misspelled his name were counted, he was bumped up to 41%. We still feel that the position of VPMA is useless and a drain, but at least SfC has been shown how the campus at large feels about them.

Hillary went to Chipotle, and this is news somehow! God, there’s no way we’re going to have to suffer eight years of this shit, is there?

The patriot act is up for renewal next June. Odds that there will be significant surveillance reform contained therein aren’t too high.

A black man in Baltimore named Freddie Gray was arrested by police for making eye contact with them, and then running away. For the record, both of these actions are completely legal. While in police custody, his spinal cord was severed by 80%, and he died later from his injuries. There are mass protests in Baltimore going on now.

There is a plan to decriminalize certain offenses, such as public drinking and public urination, in New York City. Overall, summonses seem to be declining, although not quickly enough. About 600,000 were issued in 2006, and about 360,000 were issued in 2014.

Two gay businessmen who hosted a fireside chat with Ted Cruz in their Manhattan, Central Park South, apartment, have expressed deep regret. They own hotels, and they’ve been getting some boycott threats. And it’s conservatives and Republicans that are supposed to be intolerant? The New York Times was also shocked to learn that Cruz would love his daughters just as much if they were gay. In the eyes of many liberals, Republicans are hardly even human

Our boy Rand Paul is running for prez! Woot! In his announcement speech, he talked about his time as an eye surgeon, and the satisfaction of being able to diagnose a medical problem and then immediately fix it with surgery. He contrasted this to the federal government, which incorrectly diagnoses problems, and then exacerbates them. Rand Paul would be the first MD president.

Hillary Clinton deleted emails from her private server that she says are private in nature.

Marco Rubio said: “I don’t believe we should be in the business of legalizing additional intoxicants in this country for the primary reason that when you legalize something, what you’re sending a message to young people is it can’t be that bad, because if it was that bad, it wouldn’t be legal.” I didn’t know the government was supposed to play the role of morality enforcer in chief. Is adultery considered not “that bad” now that it’s no longer illegal? Is it worth sending people to prison and ruining your life just in order to “send a message” to young people that they’re not even listening to? You’re dead to me, Marco. DEAD TO ME!

In the early 1960s, the Washington Post fired Jackie Robinson for being too Republican. Robinson replied: “No one will ever convince me that the Post acted in an honest manner. I believe the simple truth is that they became somewhat alarmed when they realized that I really meant to write what I believed. There is a peculiar parallel between some of our great Northern “liberals” and some of our outstanding Southern liberals. Some of the people in both classes share the deep-seated convictions that only their convictions can possibly be the right ones. They both inevitably say the same thing: “We know the Negro and what is best for him.”

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