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By Luke Kusick

Trigger warning: For all Bernie Sanders fans, Obama sympathizers, leftists, communists or whatever you identify as (because we’ve finally come so narcissistic that we can identify as anything and force others to not tolerate it but accept that that is what we are), this article isn’t for you. Return to your safe spaces and coloring books and let the right wing do the talking now.  By the way if you have ever used the word “triggered” seriously, this article isn’t for you.

If you’ve stuck around this long (welcome libertarians, conservatives, populists, republicans and cuckservatives), then we need to talk about Trump. For months and months I wanted to deny the inevitable. I was standing side by side with the leftists calling him a fascist, racist, extremist and all the other ad hominems they throw at him. I was positive Trump would lose momentum every single day. The media would hype up one statement of his or another, Jeffrey Tucker would right his 17th argument about how he’s a fascist and Fox News was telling me how rude he was to Megyn Kelly. The “right,” including me, was more than happy to purge him from our ranks and to tell us that it’s only the ignorant, racist, redneck types that like him and that he is not a “true conservative.” That was before he never fell in the polls. That was before he came in second in Iowa and won New Hampshire and South Carolina. The Trump train keeps on rolling and it has become nearly certain that Trump is going to be our next President as the election season continues to roll on.

The issue now is “is he right wing,” “is he a fascist/racist/ whatever –ist you want to use to label Trump” and his principal views. In order to really consider whether or not Trump is a right-winger we have to understand what it means to be right wing since the right wing in this country has essentially collapsed. During the 1960s-1980s, Democrats who were pro-Israel left the establishment left in order to join the right, holding on to most of their democratic views including being the policemen of the world. The right wing, traditionally the anti-interventionist group in America began to slowly change and more and more support larger interventionist policies. The neoconservative movement has done nothing but damage the reputation, integrity and movement of the right wing in America and Donald Trump is a change from that movement.

Unlike the establishment favorite Marco Rubio, Trump is not concerned with getting people out to vote by simply saying he will lower taxes. Unlike the establishment, he is not throwing red meat out to the plebs; rather he is offering issues on the culture that no other candidate wants to deal with. He is going against the Reagan conservative archetype. That is what we need! Holding on to the ghost of Reagan not only disenfranchises most people but also doesn’t get anything accomplished. Sitting around in a circle jerk about how great Reagan was and how we need more Reagans doesn’t progress, or restore, the right wing to its former glory. Rather it causes us to try to self-purge the only real populist, the only real right-winger left amongst a gang of big government, cultural leftists on stage.

What is the issue that Trump is actually getting at that no one wants to talk about? Immigration. For years the right has given ground on this issue, including Reagan. In 1986 a law was passed to grant temporary work visas, amnesty to all illegals who had come prior to 1982 in exchange for a wall and stronger border security. What happened? Well, it’s obvious we gave the left an inch and they took a mile. A vote for Trump is a vote to stop giving the left what they want. A vote for Trump is a nice big slap in the face to the years of “compromise” where the left gets everything they want and the right gets to be the enemy. A vote for Trump is a declaration that we in the right are no longer compromising with the left and that we are here to stay. We will no longer push leftists ideas from the past, instead we will Make America Great Again, or how about make the right great again.

Libertarians, I’m one of you and I get it, Trump is pretty statist. But we need to think strategically here, Trump is the only shot we have for the next four years to have a candidate who can fundamentally change right wing politics in America. Trump is the only one who can single handedly lead us to a more traditional right wing ideology while at the same time inspiring and gather support from everyone. He has successfully done what Ron Paul couldn’t: get the spirit of the paleoconservatism back into the hearts of Americans. He has inspired the populace and it is now inevitable that he will win the GOP nomination. So before you go out and cast an obligatory vote to Gary Johnson for the third time, how about we try something actually new.

Cuckservatives…. I’m sorry but I really cannot imagine a future with you in them in the right. All your talk about amnesty, foreign interventionism and just lack of charisma make you about as appealing as a leftist girl with blue hair. But that can change if you come on board to the new Right wing. Come on over and try to do something over than selling out your own constituents. Come on other to the Right side of politics and we will forgive all your transgressions and all of your attempts to destroy us from the inside.

If none of this rhetoric has changed your mind and you may still be devoted to voting for Rubio because… to be honest I can’t see a reason to support him or you’re gonna vote for Gary Johnson and throw your vote away consider how angry the left is getting at Trump. Can’t you see the Huffington Post headlines already? “AMERICA IS RACIST FOR CHOOSING TRUMP” and can’t you already hear the jimmies of the left getting rustled by the Donald? I sure can! At the very least he’s a middle finger to the SJWs, the safe spacers, the feminazis. I think it is well worth your time to vote/support Trump. So come on America, come on right-wingers of the world let’s Make America Great Again.

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  1. Trump supporters are toxic. Make America great again? More like make America white and racist again.

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