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Dear readers,

A lot has happened since the February issue. Locally, the Student Association’s President has resigned. Jordan touches upon this situation in this issue. Parade Day will be here before we know it, and Jessica has some tips that you should check out to survive. Sodexo’s Night Owl policy change has been implemented, and with worker unrest ongoing, Kayla discusses the state of Night Owl and Sodexo. Speaking of Sodexo, Patrick’s Sodexual Encounters series is coming to a close. Speaking of a series coming to as close, Howard’s Shit Buzzfeed Says series has entered its final act.

The semester is now fully under way, meaning tests, papers, projects, and presentations are unavoidable. Binghamton Review is here for you, and to ease the pain, we will be giving readers two issues throughout the month of March. Another one? Another one. Hopefully DJ Khaled is proud.

On the national scale, the Primary system is well under way, and we are witnessing the beauty of the American political system unfold. This has led to many candidates being forced to face a harsh reality – they will not be the next President of the United States of America. With Donald Trump still dominating the polls on the right, Luke manages to find enough positive things to say to create a plea in favor of the businessman. We’ve got ourselves a real race going on within both parties, and the sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia sent shocks through the political system, as gridlock could potentially leave the Supreme Court with only eight sitting Justices until after November’s election. On this topic, David elaborates much more on the Antonin Scalia situation in his article.

To round out the topics of this issue, guest writer Eli discusses the water situation in Flint, Michigan, and is able to bring a unique perspective to the table – recently, he travelled to Flint to volunteer. Alex has a bone to pick with Black Lives Matter, and alleges hypocrisy throughout the movement. Finally, Ray describes a recent ride-along with police, and you can read the Editorial Board’s response to Dillon Schade’s resignation. Enjoy!

In February, we were also blessed by Yeezus Christ – Kanye West released (kind of released? who knows anymore?) his seventh solo studio album, The Life of Pablo. After delays and a very odd rollout including Tidal, a Madison Square Garden fashion show and plenty of Twitter rants, the long awaited sequel to Yeezus is here. It’s still early on, but it has been ranked as a middle-tier West album, meaning it is a far above average hip hop album. If you haven’t listened yet, go do so immediately. And, if by some unfortunate series of circumstances, you haven’t listened to Mr. West’s previous albums, listen to his discography chronologically leading up to The Life of Pablo. You’ll thank me later.


Sean Glendon,
Editor In Chief

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