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By Matthew Rosen

If you follow mainstream media, you would probably assume that President Trump’s most recent week has been a nightmare. One bad news story after another has been popping up claiming that President Trump is doing nothing but fighting off numerous scandals.

Thank God the Binghamton Review is not the mainstream media, because I am here to show you the truth behind the stories.

The first story that would have you believe President Trump is having an awful week is from former FBI director, James Comey’s new book: “A Higher Loyalty.” This is a book about how James Comey feels about the big, mean President. But after reading the highlights and apparent “bombshell reports,” there is absolutely nothing of importance in this book. He criticizes President Trump’s hands, his tie length, and his appearance. He describes a moment where Obama tells him how great he is. He talks about how Trump’s current Chief of Staff, John Kelly, calls Trump “dishonorable” for firing him. This comment has been disputed, and also isn’t a “bombshell.” Basically, this book just shows how much James Comey wants to stay relevant by expressing his distaste for Trump for firing him. I also have a newsflash for former director Comey: Trump didn’t do anything illegal, but you did! The President is legally allowed to fire his FBI Director, and in this case, it was especially justified. Comey admitted in front of the country that he did not like the law that stated gross negligence did not require intent. This is the law that would have put Hillary Clinton in jail had he enforced it as written. But as FBI Director, Comey admitted that he did not believe in that portion of the law, and that he couldn’t find Hillary Clinton’s intent, which therefore absolved her of any crimes. So to sum it up, Comey could read Trump’s mind to find his intent for firing him, but couldn’t find Hillary’s intent behind smashing her phones with a hammer, “forgetting” what makes a document classified, and deleting 30,000 of illegal emails. It is unthinkable how Comey somehow finds the nerve to criticize Trump on his morals, but this book is nothing but self-service and will blow over and out of the news cycle within the coming week.

Supposed scandal number two is with Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. The FBI raided Michael Cohen’s office in an attempt to find something about Stormy Daniels… Or was it the Russia collusion? Or something about obstruction of justice? Or . . . something? Who knows. But the Mueller team passed the investigation to the Southern District of NY prosecutors, and now a taint team, or a group of lawyers, will get to read over the documents that were stolen from Michael Cohen to find out which ones relate to the Stormy-Russia-Obstruction scandal. So Trump and Cohen clearly broke the law, right? Well, no. Actually, the SDNY did. Alan Dershowitz, a prominent liberal lawyer and professor at Harvard, came out and said that attorney-client privilege was violated by the FBI and the possibly taint team, and the targeted raid of President Trump’s lawyer “should worry us all.” Once again, President Trump did not break the law, yet those politically motivated and out to get him break the law in order to take him down. After a full year of an illegally overreaching investigation, there it was found that there was no Russia collusion, and no obstruction of justice. Despite this, Comey, Mueller, and others still feel the need to manufacture fake scandals in order to slander him and forcibly lower his approval.

One loss that, even I have to admit, is actually is bad for President Trump is the stepping down of Speaker Paul Ryan. He has announced he will not run for Congress again. Speaker Ryan has been a great facilitator of the Trump agenda, and now there is a fear that an anti-Trump congressman or a Democrat Speaker will take his place, like Nancy Pelosi.

The final supposed blow to the administration is that Trump’s gem, his glowing nominee, new Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch has officially turned liberal–but not exactly. Justice Gorsuch ruled against the Trump administration and joined the four liberals on the Supreme court, in a 5-4 decision, against a law mandating the deportation of illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes. So how is this not a nightmare for President Trump? He gloats constantly about how great his new judge is, and then he rules against Trump’s immigration agenda, against the court’s conservatives, and with the liberals. It is not that detrimental for two reasons: the court’s decision was legally correct, and it shouldn’t really affect the policy that the law would have enforced anyway. Not only would Antonin Scalia, former prominent conservative Justice, vote the same way Gorsuch did, but Scalia DID vote the same way in a case when he was alive. Both Gorsuch and Scalia voted against laws that punish “violent crimes” as the description “violent crimes” is too vague. Real conservative, strict-constructionist judges would agree with this, as vague laws give all three branches of government power of interpretation that was not given to them by the Constitution. But according to the mainstream media, you’d believe that Trump’s prized judge betrayed him and turned liberal! When in reality he was just being a good conservative judge, and called on Congress to define the phrase “violent crime” before the law could be enforced. This is legally correct.

The mainstream media will have you believe that Trump is finally getting cornered and surrounded by scandals that will take him down once and for all, but as always, do not be fooled!

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