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By Shawn Kinge

Martin Luther King Jr. is often considered a hero, and one of the most important figures in securing basic rights for African Americans. He is beloved among the black community, and is even taught about in schools. I demand that this celebration of Rev. King be ceased immediately. The truth is that MLK was an extremely problematic person. He was actually a white supremacist, sent by the KKK to sabotage the black rebellion of the 1960s and protect white people.

The “civil rights movement” wasn’t supposed to be about civil rights at all, it was supposed to be about black people taking over America and getting revenge for all of the torture they have suffered at the hands of white people. Malcolm X had the right idea by advocating for violence against white people. However, Martin Luther King ruined everything when he came along and started promoting stupid ideas like “equality” and “peace.” He was obviously told to do this by the white man to prevent the black revolution! Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t a civil rights hero, he was a race traitor!

The strongest evidence to support this fact is found within his famous “I Have A Dream” speech at the “March on Washington” in 1963. He pays homage to a white man right off the bat, by starting his speech the same way Abraham Lincoln started his “Gettysburg Address.” It is sickening that Rev. King would honor such a disgusting man this way. Abraham Lincoln was a white supremacist bigot, who directly expressed his hatred for black people when he said “…there is a physical difference between the white and black races, which I suppose, will forever forbid the two races living together upon terms of social and political equality, and inasmuch, as they cannot so live, that while they do remain together, there must be the position of superior and inferior, that I as much as any other man am in favor of the superior position being assigned to the white man.” He then went on to use African Americans as his pawns during the Civil War, the same way white men have been using black people for centuries. Only one sentence in, and the evidence that Martin Luther King was a white supremacist is already overwhelming.

Then, of course, we have the most well-known section of the speech. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” This quote, which has been treated as the catchphrase of the civil rights movement, is nothing but a white supremacist dog whistle. Rev. King suggests that race is irrelevant and shouldn’t determine how people are treated, a sentiment echoed by known racists such as Ben Shapiro. Race absolutely does matter, and absolutely should determine how people are treated. For example, white people are evil, and therefore should be treated poorly. To deny the importance of race the way Rev. King does is to ignore the centuries of slavery and oppression that black people have been forced to endure. The solution is not “equality” as MLK suggests, it’s for the government to give black people free stuff and force businesses to hire them and colleges to accept them even if they are not qualified. That was the true message of the civil rights movement, or at least it was before Martin Luther King sabotaged it.

The most unfortunate part is that Rev. King and his white supremacist buddies succeeded. We could be living in Black America right now, but instead we continue to be oppressed by the white man. As I sit in my college dorm room while typing this on my Macbook and listening to Kendrick Lamar with my Beats By Dre headphones, I can’t help but look up at my poster of former president Barack Obama think about how little progress us black people have made since the inception of this racist nation in 1776. We’re basically still slaves.

I hope you all take this message seriously, and remember this next time you hear someone talking about how great Martin Luther King Jr. was. Be sure to share the truth with them; the less people worshiping white supremacists the better. Thanks for reading, and always remember to stay woke. #BlackLivesMatter

3 Replies to “MLK Jr, White Supremacist Scumbag”

  1. This is obvious hate speech. I don’t care though cos I believe people should be free to say what they want but hello, this guy is straight up calling for white death and that’s ok in the modern america.

    why don’t you learn who your real enemy is you dumb fuck it’s not white people,, we’ve been oppressed by the satanic elite for thousands of years.

  2. i agree ith youthat he was a ploy, every famous person was nearly. Did you know that MLK is the acronym is Hebrew for Moloch?

  3. This is the strangest, most bizarre conspiracy theory I have ever seen. How did I end up on this site lol? Nothing this article says makes sense and advocating violence against anybody is wrong. Man, the internet sure is full of crazy people.

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