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By Jessica Charmant-Ortiz

All around the country people are uniting to fight against Tr*mp’s sexist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic, pedophobic, transphobic, and patriarchal regime. From college students to college professors, everyone knows 45 has got to go! But in the sunny streets of Tampa Bay, the Resistance looks a little different. Instead of being spearheaded by the typical group of ANTIFA comrades and their classmates, this opposition to 45’s white male supremacy is led by a diverse group of queer womyn and people of color who make their everyday living in the drug business.

Isabella Mierda, the leader of the Tampa-based Asesinos Horripilantes Cartel and a proud member of the LGBTQP+ community explained that after her third deportation, she and her wife Krystal decided to dedicate their free time to opposing Tr*mp.

“It was just like, at some point somebody has to do something you know? We can’t just let that racist orange puta stay in power… me and my wife, we know he fears us strong Latinx people, that’s why he tries to keep us out!”

Isabella has put to work her vast network of junkies and coke dealers to help bash the fash, spending much of her free time organizing marches for womyn and LGBTQP+ people and donating a portion of her cartel’s cocaine profits to Planned Parenthood and other womyn’s health organizations. Her wife, Krystal Mierda-Brown, a transgender artist of color, also dedicates her time to the cause by making online artwork depicting Tr*mp and Russian President Vladimir Putin engaging in sex acts. Her most well-known piece, called Orange Pig in a Golden Shower, depicts “daddy” Putin urinating into a pig-shaped 45’s mouth and was shared over 500 times on Tumblr before the site’s conservative restructuring late last year.

On the other side of town, another leader in both the queer community and the drug business, Blue Ivy Farrakhan, has organized a resistance to the patriarchy of xer own. Blue Ivy describes xer movement as a more “grassroots approach” to Resistance focused on the community. By organizing members of the local BLM movement and ANTIFA allies from the University of Tampa, xe hopes to bring the fight to the patriarchy’s local enforcers – the Tampa Police Department.

“Donald Drumpf is just like Voldemort, and the pigs in the Tampa PD and ICE are his Death eaters… Actually I’d say the genocidal aparthied state of Israel is all their master. Even 45 and Putin need those Benjamin’s, after all.” Xe says proudly. “Either way, the only good pig is a dead pig. Fry ‘em like bacon!”

To-Date, Blue Ivy claims her followers have seriously injured at least four members of the Tampa PD, and xe attributes xer movement’s success to xer success in the fentanyl business. “Look, I don’t like capitalism or money, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, and it’s thanks to my work in the business that I’m able to dedicate so many resources to fighting the white supremacist patriarchy.” Xe says, explaining that xer drug money goes towards outfitting xer Resistance operatives to “take down” cops and other agents of the Tr*mp administration.

As recently as this month, both Isabella Mierda and Blue Ivy Farrakhan have met with several of the democratic 2020 contenders, showing their desire to push their brand of Resistance beyond the confines of sunny Tampa Bay. Their diverse and inclusive strategies of resistance provide an example of how to improve and coordinate to the rest of us in the movement, and it is possible that in the future more queer people of color in the drug business may follow in their footsteps and help lead the fight against Tr*mp’s bigoted empire.

Jessica Charmant-Ortiz is a reporter for and frequent columnist for the New York Times and the Binghamton Review.

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