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By Sebastian Roman


  1. Smile.JPG


This story is about a picture of a smiling dog that drives everyone who sees it insane. This story is one of the earliest creepypastas to spread on the internet, thus earning it a spot on this list.


  1. Slenderman


Slenderman is a story about a tall faceless man with tentacles that come out his back. Slenderman received its spot on this list because it is one of the most famous creepypastas, inspiring numerous video games, spinoffs, and even a real-life human sacrifice.


  1. The Babysitter


This story is about a babysitter who locked her kids in their bedroom after hearing about a mental institution escapee in their area. The kids wake up to find her dead with no arms in the morning. This one was originally an urban legend, but its ability to last through generations and adapt to the age of the internet earned it its spot on the list.


  1. Russian Sleep Experiment


This is the story of a Cold War-era Russian sleep experiment in which the Soviets kept people awake for days on end using a gas. The experimentees began to go crazy, screaming, throwing things around, and shoving feces into the windows. 30 days in, the Soviets opened the room to find that the surviving experimentees had superhuman abilities and had been taken over by the inherent human evil that is kept in check by sleeping. This story is one of the scariest creepypastas on the internet, earning it a spot at number 2.


  1. Man door hand hook car door


The story starts with a young couple who hears on the radio about a person going around stealing stereos. The car that they’re in runs out of gas and the boyfriend goes to get more gas. The girlfriend hears a thumping in the night and hears “Let me in!” but ignores it. The story has this ending: “she gets out to check and man door hand hook car door.” this story has gained fame from its absurd spelling and grammar mistakes as well as its generally ridiculous story, and is my personal favorite. This creepypasta is one of the most widely ridiculed and the phrase “man door hand hook car door” will forever live in infamy.

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