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By Musclini

What’s up guys, it’s Musclini. I’ve been asked by the boss, the fans, and my conscience to have a quick, half page go off moment. So without further ado, let’s talk about libertarians. As a former libertarian, I don’t blame you for being less mentally developed than me, so I just want to lay down my thought process on transitioning from a cringe libertarian to an epic traditionalist.

First, libertarians are, at best, unaware, and at worst, collusive when it comes to immigration. The practice of unregulated, concentrated, mass LEGAL immigration is a destructive force that this country has accepted with open arms. Democrats love it because it means more votes, Republicans love it because businesses love it, businesses love it because it means lower wages (see “supply and demand” for more information), and libertarians love it because it means more money overall. Huh, the continuation of this policy means a Democrat will literally never lose a presidential election again within ten years and this nation will become permanently socialist? Heh, as long as the GDP is going up!

Second, libertarians have nothing to say against societal deterioration, and everything to say FOR degeneracy. How on God’s green Earth can you not “officially” have a stance on the murder of children? You people are all about freedom, the non-aggression principle, and respect for other people, yet you value the “freedom” of a woman to have a slightly more convenient situation over the freedom of a human being to, uhh, you know, BE ALIVE? That’s only one example, and I’m convinced LibBros only think that way because they think girls will like them for that position, but there are countless libertarian takes that are just straight up satanic and evil. We’re all religious Catholics, right? Let me relate this all to you like this: drugs, prostitution, gay marriage, drag queen story hour, and pornography, among many other things, are ALL SINS. Don’t believe me? Want me to elaborate on these points? Don’t care, have fun in hell, loser. Finally, look… these “people” are utterly SILENT when it comes to the struggles of gamers. Do you really think that we don’t have a say, that we don’t have voices and f- Oh, that’s my time? Right, it’s only a half pager. Alright boys, see you in February for the s*x edition.

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