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By Mister B

Howdy losers, welcome to the most degenerate issue of the year: the “S*x issue.” While the other writers are content with talking about sex, or the Green M&M, or how how they got laid in the dining halls at 5AM, I, Mister B , am here to continue the great legacy of Binghamton Review by pointing out degeneracy in defense of the traditional values that made this country great. There are, of course, many topics that I could choose from: E-girls, declining birth rates, positive masculinity, etc.; however, opinions on these are generally consistent among the non-coomers, so I would just be repeating the obvious. Instead, I’ll go after a more hidden topic; a foreign export that, while looking innocent, has caused massive damage to the youth: Anime!

Now, low IQ readers may think “anime is just a harmless art style, Mister B.” This view, dear reader, is mistakenly wrong. In fact, all media that you consume has an impact on you whether you like it or not. Watch enough North Korean propaganda films and one day you may find yourself saluting the second most famous Kim alive. From here, we can compare anime to a drug such as the devil’s lettuce. As you smoke, digest, or consume marijuana, the THC molecules  interact with receptors in your brain which, in turn, makes you feel all dopey. Likewise, the pixels of the two-dimensional femoids follow a similar mechanism: triggering those brain receptors to activate the emotions. This output is not entirely negative. As you may be able to use a small amount of weed to enhance focus during a workout session, you may also be able to use certain anime as a substitute for the pitiful excuse that is mainstream western entertainment. Unfortunately, most people can not (or do not) follow this formula of moderation and end up worse off as a result. With weed, the user becomes an unproductive junkie far from their full potential. Anime on the other hand leads to a much more insidious condition: the anime-to-porn pipeline.

What is the anime-to-porn pipeline you may ask? Simple, as one watches more and more anime, they discover more and more lewd cartoons until they find themselves watching hardcore pornography. Due to the taboo nature of the subject, there isn’t much formal documentation on this phenomenon. However, dear reader, that will not stop me from proving the existence of this perverted pipeline. First I’d like to point out a prominent feature of anime in that it highlights feminine features to unrealistic proportions. Long colorful hair, giant eyes, giant other organs which come in pairs, you know what I mean. Search “bad character design” on DuckDuckGo and you will see exactly what I am referring to. While this also may appear in western animation, western cartoonists at least had the foresight to give their characters some dignity. Next, I will outline a general mechanism by which this pipeline operates. First, we start with a typical young boy: Billy. At first, the effects are harmless as most gateway anime is. The pipeline truly begins once Billy discovers the more depraved anime. Now, Billy begins to watch scantily clad women with unrealistic proportions frolic about as he unconscientiously becomes introduced to softcore pornography. After enough time on the internet, Billy will likely be exposed to hardcore pornography whether through some internet low life, or his own curiosity. This now drops Billy into the porn addiction trap where he will search for more and more porn to retain his high. Because the porn trains Billy to become submissive (porn is a form of cuckoldry which in itself is submissive), Billy will naturally become less dominant. After enough time, Billy may reach the “femboy” stage where Billy’s testosterone levels have reached that of a mere child. At this point our poor soul has his brain completely rewired to seek this easy submissive pleasure, robbing him of nearly all his masculinity. Normally, this behavior would be humiliating, though the hopeless child continues into this never-ending downward spiral. This pipeline does not affect all people the same way as someone with an addictive personality may be more prone to the pipeline. Nonetheless, falling down the pipeline tends to produce tragic results.

Some of you out there may be thinking “Ok, but why is this a bad thing? If someone wants to be a coomer it has no impact on you. Stop being such an asshole and have some respect.” While I will concede that it has no effect on myself, you, dear reader, must also consider the effects of this pipeline on civilization. Firstly, men becoming more submissive will not, I repeat, will not make any man happier. The end of self-actualization can only be achieved through embracing oneself and then reaching their full potential. Man becoming submissive is not in accordance with their nature, but against it. If anything, these men will become bitter, in particular towards women who reject their advances or choose Chad instead of their beta orbiters like always. Men are both built and called to be strong, logical, and stoic so that we may lead civilization into greatness. Submissive men embody none of these virtues as they primarily value instant gratification. This begs some important questions: Who will be strong role models to children? Who will financially support and defend families? Who will maintain order in a chaotic world? Some may point to the government to fill those roles however, this has never worked at any point in history either because the government lacks the resources to do so, or because it prioritizes its own interests and thus works to strengthen its own power at the expense of its own people. As  the saying goes: Good times lead to weak men which lead to bad times.

Finally, dear reader, I shall discuss possible solutions. First, there is the obvious choice: censor degenerate anime, images, ect to stop this pipeline. As based as this solution sounds, the internet has made censorship in the modern day impossible without living in a dictatorship. Moreover censorship stifles creativity which has produced many of the great works of civilization so censorship must be rejected. Another option is to do nothing and let civilization destroy itself. Not only is this solution nihilistic, but history has shown us that escape from Armageddon is possible. The solution I prefer, would be to spread the message of positive masculinity so that we may have a chance to rebuild. Clearly, this seems like a difficult task, which is why I am calling on you, assuming you are male, to work out at the gym, listen to masculine music (country, rock, and hip-hop for the most part), fast, study, pray, drink water, and more, until you have accumulated enough testosterone, ambition, and mental fortitude to spread the message. And what better place is there to spread that message than Binghamton Review.

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