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Once upon a time, the board of the Binghamton Review magazine was in a heated debate over the contents of their next issue. Madeline, the editor in chief, wanted to feature articles on the benefits of universal healthcare and the importance of intersectionality. Dillon, the managing editor, was all for it, but only when he had his beard. Without it, he became a completely different person, who was all for cutting government spending and reducing regulations. It was like he had a Jekyll and Hyde situation going on.

Sid, the treasurer, was struggling to keep track of the magazine’s finances. He was so absorbed in his economics textbooks that he often forgot to pay the bills on time, much to the dismay of the rest of the board. He would often get lost in numbers and equations, and the other members would have to snap him out of it.

Shayne, the copy desk chief, was the life of the party. He would often break out into spontaneous renditions of Japanese pop songs and make silly faces at anyone who would look his way. He was also known for his love of all things Japanese, from anime to sushi. He even had a collection of Japanese action figures that he kept on his desk.

Arthur, the social media poster, was the resident neo-conservative. He would often use his mastery of sarcasm to mock the liberal views of Madeline and Dillon. He also had a love for memes and often incorporated them in the magazines social media posts.

One day, the board decided to take a break from their heated debates and go out for a team-building exercise. They ended up at a karaoke bar, where they decided to put their differences aside and sing together. Madeline sang “Imagine” by John Lennon, Dillon sang “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen, Sid sang “Money, Money, Money” by ABBA, Shayne sang “Kimi no Na Wa” by Radwimps and Arthur sang “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.

As they sang together, they realized that despite their differences, they were all united in their love for the Binghamton Review magazine. From that day on, they worked together in harmony and the magazine became more successful than ever before.

But things were not always smooth sailing for the board. One day, Madeline came into the office with a bright pink hair. The rest of the board was in shock, and Arthur couldn’t help but make a sarcastic comment about how it was a perfect representation of her liberal views. But Madeline didn’t let it get to her, she was proud of her new hair and loved the way it made her stand out.

Sid was also having a tough time, as he had a tough time with the magazine’s finances. He was always forgetting to pay bills, and the rest of the board was starting to get frustrated with him. They decided to come up with a solution, and they came up with the idea to set reminders on his phone for all the bills that needed to be paid.

Shayne was always a bit of a wild card, with his love for all things Japanese and his tendency to break out into song at any given moment. But one day, he took it a bit too far. The board was in the middle of an important meeting when Shayne suddenly started singing the theme song from his favorite anime. The rest of the board was not amused and decided to set some ground rules for Shayne’s behavior in meetings.

Arthur was always the resident conservative on the board, but he had a hidden talent that no one knew about. He was a master of origami. He would often be found folding paper cranes during the meetings, and the rest of the board found it quite amusing. They decided to have a competition to see who could make the best origami creation, with Arthur as the judge. Madeline made a beautiful swan, Dillon made an intricate samurai helmet, Sid made a complex geometric shape, and Shayne made a cute little Pikachu. In the end, Arthur declared Madeline’s swan as the winner, much to her surprise.

One day, the board received a letter in the mail inviting them to a fancy gala to celebrate the magazine’s success. They were all excited to get dressed up and attend the event, but they were in for a surprise when they found out that the dress code was formal attire. Madeline, who was always a bit of a free spirit, decided to wear a bright pink dress to match her hair, Dillon decided to shave his beard for the first time in months, Sid decided to wear a bow tie, Shayne decided to wear a traditional Japanese yukata, and Arthur decided to wear a suit and tie.

When they arrived at the gala, they were greeted by a sea of fancy dresses and suits. They felt a bit out of place, but they didn’t let it get to them. They mingled with the other guests, enjoyed the delicious food and drinks, and even got up on stage to sing a group rendition of “We Are the Champions” by Queen.

After the gala, the board realized that despite their quirks and differences, they were a great team and had accomplished a lot together. They were proud of the magazine and all that they had achieved. From that day on, they continued to work together in harmony and the Binghamton Review became one of the most successful student magazines in the country.

The end.

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