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In the midst of a declining economy and an overwhelming influx of illegal immigration, many Greeks are beginning to feel their government is failing them. Hospitals are crowded, safety-nets are being cut and most unskilled labor is being monopolized by immigrants (both legal and illegal), as well as refugees. In the traditional Greek spirit of skepticism, many citizens have decided to support fringe movements rather than established political parties. One such party is the Neo-Nazi group “Xpusy Avgi,” or Golden Dawn.

Despite Greece’s terrible past with Nazi’s and Germany, many Greeks are beginning to embrace fascist ideals taken almost exclusively from “Mein Kampf.” The platform of the  Golden Dawn party is a simple one. Basically, the party’s mission is to restore Greek pride, and in the words of the party’s general secretary, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, “chase the immigrants to the cliffs and throw them into the sea.” The atrocities of “Xprusy Avgi” have ranged from beating immigrants in the streets, to smacking socialist party parliament members in the face on national television.  Golden Dawn even prevented immigrants who had green cards from receiving medical care in publicly run hospitals. The worst part about these criminal acts is that the police force in Greece is not only ignoring the actions of Golden Dawn, but assisting them.

Unlike past fascist regimes in Greece, Golden Dawn has received support from nationalist and communists alike. It appears that both political extremists hatred of immigrants, bankers, and austerity has strangely brought these two groups together. Although the Golden Dawn party is extremely violent and is being denounced by all major political parties in Greece, their popularity is only increasing. Since the formation of the party a short time the ago, the party has increased its number of seats in parliament from 0.2% to 7.6% in the last election cycle. In some areas of Greece with high immigrant populations the percentage of voters affiliated with the party is as high as 30%.

With the decrease of government assistance programs, an increase in crime, and an influx of illegal immigrants, many communities are turning to Golden Dawn for help. The Golden Dawn party acts as a sort of quasi-local government in some areas. The party hands out bread to hungry Greeks, and even distributes bottles of ouzo to taverns. Golden Dawn also offers “protection services” against gangs in the area. Although for the most part these “protective services” are just an excuse to attack anarchists, homo-sexuals, peaceful immigrants, or anybody else they feel is a threat to their radical ideology.

September 18th Golden Dawn Party’s violence spiked. The parties façade of legitimacy was destroyed, when a group of Golden Dawn affiliated Nazis murdered a 34 year old rapper due to his anti-racist sentiment.  As a result of the killing, eighteen members of the Golden Dawn Party are being charged with murder, as well as several other violent crimes. The government is currently investigating Golden Dawn headquarters and has uncovered several connections between Golden Dawn and the police department.

The Greek government has cut all of the state’s funding from Golden Dawn and is hoping to eradicate the party completely within the coming months. It also appears that several high-ranking members of the party will almost definitely be jailed.

Luckily for Greece, it appears their government will return to normalcy and become the corrupt socialist dystopia we all know and love.

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