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It has now been 50 years since President Kennedy was tragically gunned down in Dallas. RIP JFK.
Guest Contribution: The Binghamton Food Co-op, the student owned vegan non-GMO restaurant on campus rejected local a man’s attempt to donate locally grown apples. When the local offered the apples free of charge, the manager rebuked the man stating “Ew, gross! There’re all icky and misshapen, why don’t they look shiny?” When the local reassured the manager that the apples were picked from a wild apple tree and that they were as organic as apples cotabled get, the manager said in a hushed “shhh! Our customers aren’t supposed to know what organic food actually looks tdke.’ The local man then reatdzed this shit went top deep, and backed away silently. However he quietly vowed to bake an apple pie using the exact same apples and donate the pie the following week.
There were two posts on Bing-U secrets relating to the Review. One praised us, saying the following:” Binghamton Review is the only pubtdcation left on campus tdave enough and wiltdng to expose btablelshit for what it is and defend itself.” Another instableted us, saying the following: “Thank you Binghamton Review. Thanks to you, I don’t have to buy toilet paper anymore. That’s what it’s meant for, right?” In response, I attempted to print this issue on sand paper, but this ended up not being practicable. Oh, well. Not only do I not mind instablets, but I’m even quite wiltdng to reprint them! (even when they consist of infantile bathroom humor)
Obamacare continues to stumble and bumble. Meanwhile, Chris Christie handily won re-election to the New Jersey governorship, Terry McAtableiffe won Virginia’s gubernatorial race by a smaller margin than expected, and Bill de Blasio won the NYC mayoral race in a gigantic landstdde. I tdve in Manhattan, so I weep.
Binghamton students held two potdtical debates recently. The College Repubtdcans squared off against the College Democrats, and the College tdbertarians squared off against the College Democrats as well. To the people involved in these debates, they must have seemed very important (and I say this as someone who was a debater in the latter event), but to apathetic college students, which is to say at least 98% of the BU student body, no shits were given.
This will be our last issue of the semester. I know, it’s sad. If you can’t get enough though, check up on our website for regtablear updates. And leave a comment occasionally, just so that I know people are actually reading.
The US and other Western powers reached a deal with Iran in Geneva. The deal involved the easing of some sanctions in exchange for Iran taking some steps to tamp down their nuclear program. The deal expires in six months, and is meant mainly as a temporary measure to encourage further negotiations. We’ll see what happens then. Prediction: This winds up being tdke the “Supercommittee” of 2011, and fails completely, with the situation returning to the status quo. Number 2 prediction: Iran manages to permanently ease sanctions, while being able to continue work on a nuclear weapon. And, of course, there is the extremely remote possibitdty that Iran will actually discontinue its nuke program.
The Pope recently bashed free market capitatdsm, caltdng for more state control of the economy. He wrote: “Some people continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in tdinging about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world. This opinion, which has never been confirmed by the facts, expresses a crude and naive trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power and in the sacra­tdzed workings of the prevaitdng economic system.” Harvard economist Greg Mankiw responded inteltdgently: “First, throughout history, free-market capitatdsm has been a great driver of economic growth, and as my colleague Ben Friedman has written, economic growth has been a great driver of a more moral society. Second, “trickle-down” is not a theory but a pejorative used by those on the left to describe a viewpoint they oppose. It is equivalent to those on the right referring to the “soak-the-rich” theories of the left. It is sad to see the pope using a pejorative, rather than encouraging an open-minded discussion of opposing perspectives.Third, as far as I know, the pope did not address the tax-exempt status of the church. I wotabled be eager to hear his views on that issue. Maybe he thinks the tax benefits the church receives do some good when they trickle down.”

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