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What You Missed

For no good fucking reason, Obama announced several days ago that fourth graders and their families will have free admission to all national parks for 2016. Why not third graders? Why not fifth graders? Who knows? Hope and change! Yes we can! First black president!

Someone has been slipping copies of the Worker’s Vanguard, a commie newspaper which ironically, unlike our free issues, costs 50 cents. Headlines include: “Picket Lines Mean Don’t Cross!” “Imperialists Squeeze Greece!” “Capitalist Syriza Government: No Friends of Workers” I guess by workers they mean people who don’t actually work! Look, I’m flattered by the attention, I really am, but I’m not going to be converted to believing that government bureaucrats should control every aspect of my existence just because you slip your cute little rag under my door. But really, thanks!

Citizen Four, the film about Edward Snowden’s quest to tell the American people how their government was tracking their every single digital communication,  won the Oscar for best documentary. Snowden sacrificed a sweet life in Hawaii with a hot girlfriend and a six figure salary to do what was best for America. Nevertheless, jokes like this were made: “Edward Snowden couldn’t be here for some treason.” For what it’s worth, the whole hero vs. traitor debate was always a silly distraction, and just an easy way for lazy journalists to frame the debate. Snowden appeared via live stream at the recent International Students for Liberty Conference (which yours truly was at!), and said that he does not believe that there are heroes, only heroic actions. Some food for thought.

Dustin Theoharis was shot 16 times as he lay in bed by police officers who kicked down his door and streamed into his house. He sued the county and settled for $3 millon, but the local prosecutors seemed to think that shooting unarmed people laying in bed is A-okay, and declined to prosecute the officers responsible, who got off scot-free and continue to be employed. Yeah justice!

Rudy Giuliani recently, perhaps foolishly, questioned whether Obama loves America. Rand Paul had the proper response, saying, “I think it’s a mistake to question people’s motives. It’s one thing to disagree on policy.” That’s an important idea – we should save our ammo not for the intentions of the lefties, although these are often suspect, but rather on their mistaken (maybe evil, maybe just incorrect?) ideas.

Chipotle’s Twitter was hacked by some sort of racist Nazi on a Saturday night. The hacker seemed very anti-Obama, anti-government and pro-swastika. Chipotle issued an apology, but began tweeting again without changing their logo back to their actual logo. Oops.

The Colonial opened its doors as another option to get wasted downtown. Hopefully, this added competition leads to better drink specials and less overcrowding all around State Street. But, probably not.

A Metro North accident in Valhalla killed 6 people, and injured 12 more. Our condolences go out to those affected.

Spike Lee came to campus and spoke about his life, filmmaking and race.

Marc Lawrence and Hugh Grant premiered their new movie “The Rewrite” on campus, which is about a professor that comes to Binghamton University.

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