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Editorial: Change for Students

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Students for Change is making demands that deserve to be heard. Hiring more minorities as faculty, accepting more minority students, making bathrooms inclusive and requiring cultural competency courses for students are all valid suggestions and should be seriously considered by anyone who wishes to cultivate a diverse, progressive campus environment.


Do these demands REALLY deserve to be heard, or are they just a disgraceful example of a lack of rational thought? I’d opt for the latter. Why should race be a consideration at all when hiring professors? That’s racist!  What does it mean to make bathrooms more “inclusive?” Bathrooms need to include toilets, sinks, and mirrors. Aside from that, no more inclusivity is needed. Finally, why on Earth is requiring cultural competency courses a valid suggestion? Is that going to help the unemployment rate? Are students unable to find work after college because they aren’t “competent” in “culture?” C’mon! Let’s think for a moment!


If Students for Change continues to employ alienating tactics, administrators will not listen. These students have every right to protest, to shout and to disrupt.


True enough, but notice the irony. Students for Change wants free speech rights for itself, while seeking to ban Yik Yak and have racist speech be prosecuted through the University judicial system. Hence, they believe they have special rights and privileges that students of a different ideological bent do not have. Sounds a lot like Jim Crow, actually!


That said, we understand why Students for Change grows more agitated with every encounter.


We sure don’t! They’re getting their tyrannical and bigoted message out there! What do they have to be agitated about?


There is real work to be done here. It’s time to turn down the noise so that we can all hear each other.


Is there real work to be done here? What exactly is the problem? Where are these incidents of racism that require such a heavy-handed response? Nobody can tell us!


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