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I’m super excited about this issue, and you should be too. This double issue that features our normal Binghamton Review content, but is also introducing Binghamton Preview – an issue that we’ve written in the future! This Preview takes place in April 2017, and is something that I would love to see become an annual April Fool’s tradition here at The Review. Writing for The Preview was a very different experience, and was something that was lots of fun to create! I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it. We’ve finally got some warm weather, and Spring Fling is approaching! Of course, I got my hopes up anticipating that the SA would get acts of any relevance, and of course, I was disappointed. Of course, I will attend and enjoy myself, but I don’t anticipate myself telling anybody about “that time I saw Sage The Gemini, The White Panda and Bad Rabbits” anytime soon. This recurring problem comes down to simple economics: Spring Fling falls during a time where other schools are looking for performers and festivals book artists by the boatload. This shifts the supply curve of artists that anybody cares about to the left, and drives up their price. We’ve been outbid for anybody exciting, and that in part has to do with the need for eased spending after the accumulation of a large deficit. This deficit’s existence is something that many students have played no role in, yet they are being offered the poor man’s version of Flo Rida for the spring concert they look forward to all year. Nothing like having to deal with the consequences of a huge deficit that you aren’t responsible for! If only there was a suitable political metaphor to go here… On a more serious note, I’d like to give a big thank you to Pipe Dream and James Sereno for their article about Binghamton Review and the Libertarian message. As much as we enjoy shitting on Pipe Dream in our Press Watch section, they do provide a great service to students and keep the student body informed about campus issues. It is essential for all of the campus publications to work together to ensure that the school’s population is educated and introduced to a variety of views to the best of our abilities. With that being said, it is our job to point out ridiculous opinions and mistakes that we encounter in the other publications – that isn’t stopping anytime soon.


Sean M. Glendon

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