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By Senator Joseph McCarthy

The constant waves of protesters demonstrating in the streets against Donald Trump and his policies seem to be drawing out all sorts of leftist groups. We routinely see demonstrators proudly waving the hammer and sickle flag and calling for “death to capitalism”. Socialism and communism are routinely incorporated within social justice doctrine, and capitalism is blamed for all of their woes. College professors have no problem weaving in Marxist indoctrination into their curriculum. It’s almost like they’re completely ignorant of or turn a blind eye to the evil and devastation that communism has brought to the world. Communism advocates for the abolishment of private property and social classes in place of common ownership of the means of production. This is in efforts to create a utopian classless society where everyone is supposedly equal. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” was popularized by Karl Marx, and was used to refer to the idea that a full-scale communist society would somehow not only produce enough goods and services to satisfy everyone’s needs, but that there would also be an abundance of everything. The only problem is that in every nation throughout history where this has been tried, it has always failed.


Communism gained traction in the United States in the early 1920s when the Communist Party USA contributed to the founding of labor unions and spread their ideology to American workers in hopes of inspiring a socialist revolution. The CPUSA was not only directly bankrolled by the Soviet Union, but also participated in their espionage activities by creating a direct network to Moscow to pass along confidential information, fake passports, and recruit new agents within the US State Department. These traitors hid behind the guise of civil rights issues in order to spread their ideology to disenfranchised members of society. CPUSA called for racial integration and gender equality when it was taboo to even suggest such things in American society, in hopes that their support would attract women and minorities to support the communist ideology. The Soviets capitalized off of racial discrimination in the US, and propagandized racial equality in hopes of pandering to minorities. But of course, the idea of complete equality was just that, an idea.


Racism was also deeply embedded within the Soviet Union, from racial discrimination to ethnic cleansing. Germans were targeted through Stalin’s Great Purges and mass rapes of millions of German women by the Red Army. Ethnic Germans were deported and put into labor camps. Over 100,000 Poles were executed and many more were forcefully deported. Hundreds of thousands of Hungarians, Ukrainians, Rusyns, Koreans, Kalmyks, Crimeans, and Estonians were also deported. The Soviets combated Ukrainian nationalism with the Holodomor, where the USSR’s genocidal policies purposely created a mass famine in which 7 to 10 million Ukrainians died of starvation. Decossackization policies pursued by the USSR lead to the genocide and deportation of hundreds of thousands of Cossacks. Greek males over the age of 16 were arrested by the secret police. Anti-Semitism was widespread throughout the USSR, as Stalin constantly used Trotsky’s Jewish background to attack him. The Soviet Union’s overt policy was that of anti-racism, but that wasn’t the case when thousands of Africans were actually invited to work, study, and live in Moscow. While the existence of racism was openly acknowledged during the Cold War era in the US, the USSR’s anti-racism policy was just a facade, as black Americans invited to Moscow were just used as political propaganda pawns and were never fully accepted by their fellow Soviet neighbors. Robert Robinson was the black poster child for Soviet anti-racism as he lived in the USSR for over 20 years, and describes being denied employment because of his skin color and regularly being called racial slurs.


The false sense of classless societal harmony doesn’t just end in the USSR. Radical leftists love to sport Che Guevara shirts and praise communist dictator Fidel Castro. These same leftists who also support LGBT rights turn a blind eye to the fact that Castro threw homosexuals into concentration camps or expelled them from the country. Fidel Castro is held up as a champion of African rights because of his anti-colonialism stance and his support for regimes such as Angola and South Africa in the fight for independence. Like the Soviets, Castro preached an anti-racism policy abroad to gain political brownie points. He even declared that racism had been eliminated in Cuba, even though discrimination against blacks in Cuba was still widespread. Fulbright Scholar Terrell Jermaine Starr says “for every Assata Shakur who finds safe haven in Cuba, there are jails full ofdarker-skinned Cubans” who have never received the dignity of their American exile guest. And for every Langston Hughes who was treated like royalty in Moscow, there are people such as Pierre Kalmek, a sailor from Francophone Africa, who lived in the Moscow during the early 1930s and complained that locals regularly spat on him.” When black Cubans did try to speak out against racism, they were silenced by beatings, death threats, and rape threats by Cuban authorities.


How did an ideology that has lead to some of the worst crimes against humanity come to be embraced by Western academia? Expatriates from the Frankfurt School who were expelled from Germany brought the concept of cultural Marxism to American colleges. It was picked up by professors across the country and used to then indoctrinate generations of college students to buy into the idea that racial groups were victims of capitalism which could be fought by embracing Marxist ideals. Communists thought that by clinging onto racial groups and infiltrating the Civil Rights movement, that they could pit races against each other and destroy the fabric of American society. This propaganda was heavily pushed by the USSR and Cuba, both of which never showed the realities of living under their regimes included massive human rights violations, political repression, and starvation. The only equality that communist societies have achieved in nearly every instance is that everyone is poor and starving together. Stalin was the sole dictator of one of the world’s largest economies during the Cold War, and was named the fifth richest person of all time by Time Magazine. Fidel Castro accumulated nothing short of a net worth of $900 million by the time he died according to Forbes. These regimes have killed over 100 million people in the past century, hid behind the guise of anti-racism to spread their ideology, and made their leaders wealthy beyond the imagination, all in the name of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.



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