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1. Colin Kaepernick

Colin_Kaepernick_in_2013This costume is right for the times! With Colin all over the news, now is the time to show your support for the black community. What better way to do it then to dress as Kappy himself? All you’ll need is a Kaepernick jersey, some cleats, an afro wig, and, arguably the most important part of the costume, dark-colored foundation! Wow the crowd with this daring and social activist look.





2. Harvey Weinstein and Literally any Female Actress Rula_Jabreal_&_Harvey_Weinstein

Cute couples costume alert! Show your friends that you’re in the know and actually read the news with this creative and never-before-seen couples Halloween look. There’s so many actresses to choose from; you could go for A listers like Angelina Jolie or Gwyneth Paltrow, or even go old school as Rose McGowan or Angie Everheart! The list just doesn’t end! And if anyone tries to give you shit for it, just remind them of the Trump Access Hollywood tapes (since words are literal violence) or pull a Meryl Streep and pretend to know nothing about it!





3.Elizabeth Warren elizabeth warren headdresss

Want to dress like a Native American but worried you’ll offend people? No problem! You can still dress up in Native American attire, with headdress, moccasins, fringes and all. This costume only needs old lady glasses and a short, distasteful wig to complete the look. The costume can’t be offensive, since you’re dressed up as an actual Native American and a truly inspirational woman! Make sure to contour those cheekbones, ladies!




4. Illegal Alien illegal alien

Alien costumes are so totally 2017. Get those space buns up high and break out the galaxy glitter for this costume. Alien costumes are so basic, so switch up your alien look by adding an orange jumpsuit. Stand out from those other basic bitches out on Halloween with this illegal alien costume!





5. Slutty Muslim offensive-veil-arab-woman-halloween-costume

What better way to show your support for the Muslim community than to completely defy its values? This slutty Muslim costume is a MUST-lim this fall. Ladies, show your feminist side on Halloween. This costume simply requires a burqa and some scissors! Cut the burqa to right below the butt, and cut a tit slit front and center. Support your fellow gals and FREE THOSE NIPPLES. Your costume will leave all the fellas saying “Ji-had me at hello!”





6. Binghamton Review Member frat boys

Halloween is a time to be something that you’re not. Get out of your comfort zone with this Binghamton Review member costume… step into something that you vehemently oppose! Salmon shorts, boat shoes (no socks), American flag cape, MAGA hat (optional), and make sure to rock white face! The final touch is telling everyone you’re not racist because you have “a few black friends!”





7. Papi Richard Spencer richard-spencer mexican

There’s no better way to protest the alt-right than dressing up as their leader mixed with a sexi Spanish sombrero! You know they hate race mixing, so be sure to incorporate as many cultures into your costume as possible to represent your support for multiculturalism! A Native American headdress, a geisha robe, Hawaiian tiki torches… nothing is off limits for this bad hombre!




8.Sexy Anne Frank 404_not_found

Hate Hitler? Us too! This Sexy Anne Frank costume is one of our favorites. You can purchase this costume from online retailer! Oh wait, they removed it from their website? Huh, wonder why! 




9. Sobbing Jimmy Kimmel sad jimmy

Wanna show your lefty friends how much of a great person you are? Since no one has more moral high ground than Jimmy Kimmel, why not go as him! Get the tears going by rewatching least year’s election night results for an even more realistic effect. Grab your Hispanic friend to go as Guillermo so he can be the butt of every joke. If you’re really ambitious, print out mean tweets for your friends to read!





10. Daddy Putin Shirtless-Putin

Fellas, is this the costume for you! Go shirtless, with a large cross necklace, baggy tie-at-the-waist camo pants, combat boots, and one of those little horse stick toy things that we all had as kids. The ladies will be Yeltsin your name all night!






Editor’s Note: Just in case it wasn’t obvious, these costumes are satirical. Stay safe this Halloween!

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