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By Matthew Rosen

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed a major shift in culture wars. The story of this insane wave of the culture wars began during the Obama years, where sensitivity in the country hit an all time high. The entitled became increasingly entitled, the dependent became increasingly dependent, and the triggered became increasingly triggered. We live in a United States where, according to the left, everything you do is racist, sexist, or homophobic. All of the examples of the left killing the culture of the United States are reasons for the election of President Trump. I agree with Trump politically, but the culture that was created under President Obama was what gave Trump the push to win. Every proceeding example led people to say “That is why I voted for Trump.” This month, California upped their game once again.

The first example can be summed up in five words: Jerry Brown, Scott Wiener, California. In an attempt to make California more politically correct, State Senator Scott Wiener, along with Governor Jerry Brown, turned the priorities of California upside down. Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a law which lowers the penalty for knowingly infecting people with HIV from eight years to no more than six months. This means that having the intent to transmit a potentially deadly virus is no longer a felony. The worst part is the reason why it is “necessary” to pass this law in the first place. Scott Wiener tells CNN that the reason for passing this law is to “destigmatize HIV.” So in order to make people with the disease feel less ashamed, California made it easier to knowingly spread a disease that could ruin someone’s life. But wait, there’s more! Senator Wiener also authored the new “LGBT Senior Bill of Rights,” claiming that the law, not the nursing homes, should punish employees who misgender. This is basically saying that they must pretend other people are a gender that they are not or else they can go to jail for a year and be fined for up to $1000. Scott Weiner believes that if someone who has an X and a Y chromosome in every cell in their body (besides sex cells) wants to be called ‘she’ or ‘ze’ or ‘zur,’ and you don’t comply, you should serve some time in jail. That’s right, A YEAR for using their correct biological pronoun, but only six months for intent to transmit a potentially deadly disease. These laws and bills were put into place to avoid offending those with gender dysphoria or HIV.

I am personally frustrated by all the gender politics. I’m sorry to stay on the topic of the Golden State of California, but I also want to emphasize that they are the first state to legally recognize a third gender: non-binary. Non-binary means that you are neither of the two genders that exist. You also do not need a doctor’s note to prove you went through gender reassignment surgery to legally change your gender. Remember Bill Nye the Gender Spectrum Guy? Remember when Facebook went from two genders, to fifty-eight genders, to seventy-one genders, to typing the gender you feel you are? Now the governments of liberal states (such as California and New York) are moving towards this belief in gender fluidity and more than two genders. Before you call me transphobic, I am not denying your humanity or legitimacy if you feel this way; it is simply unfair to force other people to behave in ways that make others more comfortable. It is called gender dysphoria, and I hope everyone experiencing this deals with it the way they see fit, but making up science or forcing other people to conform is unacceptable. I am sick of being insulted for acknowledging science. I am sick of feelings coming before facts. In my opinion, this gender confusion problem and the creation of the political correctness of genders is one of things conservatives must push back on.

Here’s a bit more of the stupidity that the oversensitive, politically correct culture war has brought upon us:

  • BBC News posts a video on “Digital Blackface,” the racism of black emojis or GIFs
  • “Dear White People,” a new show about how all white people are bad
  • MTV video about what all white men should do better
  • Buzzfeed videos and articles shaming white men
  • Standing for the American flag is racist
  • Censoring and shutting down conservatives on campuses
  • A comedy act right here in Binghamton University that stated all white men are racist for asking her about her accent
  • A school in Seattle renamed its Easter eggs ‘spring spheres’ to avoid causing offense to people who did not celebrate Easter
  • In Seattle the term “Citizen” is now considered offensive
  • “Transgender man gives birth” instead of “woman gives birth”
  • Calling it discrimination for employers to use criminal histories on job applications because it has a “disproportionate” impact on minorities
  • Sanctuary cities, allowing illegals to get driver’s licenses, illegal immigrant lawyers
  • Boy Scouts allowing girls to join
  • You cannot wear Halloween costumes that culturally appropriate or offend
  • A professor here at Binghamton University who alluded to the fact that all Republicans are a part of the KKK
  • Latinx, a gender neutral term for people with ties to Latin America
  • Hollywood claiming the end of America because of Trump (Example: Jennifer Lawrence saying hurricanes are caused by Trump)
  • Facebook event for the anniversary of Trump’s election to “scream helplessly at the sky”
  • Check your privilege = making whites, males, cisgender, and straight people feel ashamed for being white, male, cisgender, and/or straight
  • Professor from Illinois claims teaching math promotes white privilege
  • Push to change the name of the Washington Redskins because it is offensive
  • Removing Confederate flags, and statues of our history… most recently the removal of a plaque honoring George Washington in Virginia because it makes some feel “unsafe”
  • Therapy sessions, and cancelling of school classes for college kids who are traumatized by Trump
  • The Obama administration not wanting U.S. government agencies from producing anything that links Islam with terrorism


This is only the beginning. If we continue to let culture wars and identity politics run our nation, who knows what the future holds?

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