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By Pino Che


According to the Times of Israel, [1] the Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon expressed outrage over the recent nationalist march in Poland, where 60,000 patriotic Poles took to the streets of Warsaw, vastly outnumbering the pitiful turnout of their Antifa counter-rally, to celebrate Polish Independence Day. The march, which had men holding up anti-nazi and anti-communist symbols and demanding that Poland be for God, was seen as both anti-Semitic and racist by the Israeli government which strongly condemned the march. It is interesting how this beautiful display of Nationalism on the part of the Polish people, a people decimated by both the National Socialists German Workers Party and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, is condemned by a country who exerts nationalism all of the time.

        Currently, Israel is the only nation that is an ethno-state. Israel’s policy has for the longest time tried to keep Israel as a Jewish nation for Jews. One can argue that Israel is trying to create a safe place for religious Jews rather than ethnic Jews; however, Netanyahu’s regime currently only gives lip service to allowing Ethiopian Jews into Israel. Yet countless Ethiopian Jews are denied citizenship which, according to Israeli law, they are entitled to. While we can only speculate on why Netanyahu and Israel denies countless Ethiopian Jews citizenship into Israel, one idea, which makes the most sense to Pino Che, is that Ethiopian Jews are African, not racial Jews. Israel wants to remain a safe haven for racial Jews, and many Jews in Israel, especially the ultra-orthodox, do not consider Ethiopian Jews as Jewish because they are African. Now how does this tie in? Does this rant about Israel being an ethno-state who breaks its own rules about citizenship for its citizens have anything to do with Poland?

        Israel claiming that nationalism in Poland is inherently anti-Semitic is hypocritical to say the least. Israel is an incredibly nationalistic nation. Jews from across the world serve in the Israeli army, wave Israeli flags and essentially pilgrimage, read: Birthright, to Israel. Israel is quite possibly the most nationalist nation on the planet. The idea that any other nation, Poland nonetheless, who has faced the evils of both communism and national socialism, having a nationalist rally is a threat to Israel is laughable. Is Israeli and Jewish nationalism a threat to all other nations? Should Polish members of the government be quick to condemn Israel whenever a rally is held there or whenever Jews around the world decide to go on Birthright to bathe in Zionism? Of course not! However, if Israel does not realize its own nonsense, nations like Poland should begin to call out Israel on its hypocrisy.

        Now, there is a little more to this hypocrisy. The Poles in Poland and the Polish government are very right wing; however, they are not deporting any individuals, do not have walls built to keep people out, and do not have any of the “racist and anti-Semitic” policies that Donald Trump advocates for. When we look at Israel and all of the policies that Jewish lobby groups such as the ADL rally against in America and Europe, we cannot say the same. Recently ol’ Bebe was in the news again when he stated that it is time to deport Africans. What’s even worse is that rather than sending the Africans back to their native countries, ol’ Bebe has decided to deport them to Rwanda. Luckily, they have a choice, indefinite prison sentences or deportation to Rwanda.[2] This rather harsh policy is something not even the “evil, fascist racist Donald Drumpf” supports for illegal aliens in the United States! Yet Israel is going to decide to get on their high horse when a nation like Poland, a heavily Catholic nation, simply wants a nation for the Poles to be Catholic and be Polish proudly.

Hell, the Poles have suffered a lot as well. They went from five years of Nazi occupation to decades of Soviet control. These people were denied their religion, placed in concentration camps, starved, killed, raped and now they have pride in being who they are. They are a nation and a people that deserve to be proud. A people who even though they have gone through countless atrocities by the most evil governments ever established continued to exist and still continue to be proud of who they are. Please Israel, you of all nations should realize that it is okay to exist! Let Poles be proud of themselves and be proud of their Independence Day. Let the Poles be who they are without feeling threatened and feeling the need to attack them. The world allows Israel to be Jewish and have its Zionist nationalism, let every other nation have its own nationalism. In all honesty, it’s really not that much to ask for. Do not be hypocrites. If you do not want Poland to have nationalistic pride, why not make the first move and destroy Zionist pride? Open your borders, end birthright, and end citizenship to Jews on the basis of being Jews and become a cosmopolitan society.





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  1. Seriously Israel is the only ethno state in the world. Really you never heard of the Arab League, where every single member state is Arab. Not to be confused Organization of Islamic Cooperation where all the countries are you guessed it Muslim.

    No one in Israel says Polish people can’t love their country. The problem were attacks on Jews by people involved in the march including calls for ethnic cleansing of Jews. I guess the writer doesn’t care about that.

    Nothing conservative about Jew hatred.

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