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By Thomas Sheremetta


  1. Not walking in an efficient manner

Firstly, I am a bit biased because I live near the city, where you walk fast or face the anger of other pedestrians. With that said, I just love when a bunch of friends walk side by side together, blocking the entire pathway for everyone else. You think these slow asses would understand the frustration they’re causing, as humans veer off the sidewalk to get past them, but the message never enters their brains. It is great when a congested area becomes a gridlock because Becky just had to stop right in the middle of the path to talk to Bobby about their math class. I know they say multi-tasking is not beneficial for us, but I think you can pull off the walk-and-talk. Finally, similarly with driving, stay on the right side of the pathway. This is not a rebellious, smashing the norm thing. Just follow what everyone else is doing you imbecile, and we can all make it to class on time.


  1. Not saying thank you

We should all be grateful for the things we receive. I truly believe we all forget how lucky we are to be in such a situation as students at Binghamton or in the United States in general. Even if you disagree with this, saying thank you for things can go a long way. It not only shows that you’re appreciative of what others are doing for you, but it also shows that you are not a stuck-up leech.


  1. Becoming an animal in the bathrooms

I cannot comprehend how dickish men can be in bathrooms. The bathroom should be a simple mechanism for us, do your business, flush the toilet, and wash your hands. Instead, I walk into the bathroom, and I see someone left a nasty surprise for me in the toilet. No one can tell me that they don’t have the time to flush the toilet; this must be why we have automatic flushing systems now. But, seriously, wash your hands too, no one wants your disgusting ass germs.


  1. People who “don’t care” about politics

These people frustrate me on a whole other level. They get angry at me for speaking my mind on politics, but then share political memes, thinking that they’re suddenly “woke” about politics. These same people also say that they are not Republican or Democrat, but down the middle. You’re not down the middle, you either lack information on politics or have no backbone to voice your true opinions. To all those who “do not care” about politics, do not make a trip to a voting center till you actually have a clue of American politics, we do not need your mindless votes.


  1. People who should stop talking but don’t

Don’t get me wrong, I love to talk as much as the next guy, but there is a limit to everything. We should strive to be informative but concise, especially in discussions of topics. When you explain things for ten straight minutes no one cares about, people will be less inclined to talk to you. Do not get upset when people start to cut you off and spend their attention span somewhere else because you’re a bore, our generation already has a bad enough attention span to begin with.


  1. People who are full of themselves

Confidence is important, but do not be a show-off. Believe it or not, you are not the center of the universe. In fact, any achievement that you’re boasting about, there is someone that does it better than you. Instead of acting like your shit doesn’t stink, be humble about your accomplishments. Sure, you may have friends who are as insecure as you are on the inside, but those friendships are as transparent as your need to overcompensate. No one wants to be around that.


  1. People who have backstabbing as a hobby

First of all, you are a shitty friend if you are like this. I do not care how you try to justify that your mouthing off is okay. It is not. If you have a problem with someone, grow a pair and confront them on it. Nothing will be settled by complaining about the same friends that have your back when you need it. If you find the need to talk ill of those you are supposed to create positive vibes with, then you do not deserve friends.  


  1. People who unjustly disrespect their parents

I totally understand if you have bad parents. I have had my fair share of that. This is why I become infuriated by those who use their parents as a punching bag who dispenses cash. Not everyone has the pleasure of having parents that want to see their children succeed, so embrace what you have. Cherish a caring family because someday you will be on your own and without the help of those who were there for you for your entire life.


  1. People who complain about all their problems constantly

There is a time and place for everything. One of the main functions of being friends is the ability to listen to each other and help them through to a solution. However, these talks should happen in the correct setting. If you are the person that runs away to the corner at every social event because you are upset and expect your friends to rush over like paramedics, then you are surely mistaken. Friends can help you, but they cannot hold your hand 24/7. After all, they have other friends to deal with as well as themselves.


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  1. The writer of the article is guilty of 5, 6, and 9. They clearly take moral superiority wherever they go. I feel for anyone who has to call them their friend in real life. What a bummer that would be.

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