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By Johnny Ramone

Lately, you may have heard a phrase that has become trendy among certain circles. That phrase is something along the lines of, “Conservatism is the new punk rock.” As a huge fan of punk rock myself, I can tell you that this is absolutely 100% true. Think about it. American culture is dominated by a sort of liberal orthodoxy, a direct result of the totally socialist, totally progressive Hollywood propaganda machine and its cavalcade of activist actors, writers and filmmakers. Since these far-left commie idiots are the ones who have set the American political and social agenda in recent years, it obviously logically follows that conservatism, which totally hasn’t dominated American culture for the vast majority of its existence, is a rebellious ideology. It doesn’t get much more rebellious than Bible thumping and advocating for a rigid hierarchical system based on classes and traditional values.

One time, I watched a clip of Jeanine Pirro’s Fox News show from December 2018. She brought on Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, two edgy conservative activists and public intellectuals. During the discussion, Owens, in her infinite wisdom, said (and I quote): “ … something about [President Trump] feels very punk rock and rebellious. He’s a rebellious president. He’s rebelling against the establishment, he’s rebelling against the mainstream media… this country needs to rebel against the socialist principles that are being taught on the left.”

I agree with you, Candace. Nothing screams “anti-establishment” like appointing half a dozen former Goldman Sachs executives to key positions in your administration and continuing to bomb eight different countries overseas. America was absolutely founded as a socialist nation and continues to be just that. It’s time someone stood up and fought against the socialist establishment that pervades our American system. Since workers in America have complete control over the means of production, Trump or the next president needs to be a rebel and privatize everything in sight and rid the United States of its ultra-left economic and social policies.

Bold rebels like Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager and Steven Crowder are doing a great job at countering the far-left with fact-based reasoning and clearly-laid-out arguments. I classify these commentators as rebels because, whereas our predominantly socialist culture is focused on feelings and sentiments, the above-mentioned dissidents rely solely on raw facts and harsh truths. They offer those who listen to what they have to say an incredible amount of wisdom, which is something left-wing pundits are fundamentally incapable of providing. It takes a tremendous amount of courage, given today’s radically left-leaning political climate, to promote traditional marriage, the notion of there being only two genders and to point out the explicit and undeniable left-wing bias in institutions such as our educational system and our mainstream media. Both of these institutions are dominated and hallowed by the far-left. It is refreshing to hear voices of dissent from outlets like Fox News, Breitbart, The Daily Caller and The Daily Wire. These voices are sorely needed in order to save this great nation.

In the upcoming presidential race, we have to make sure Trump wins re-election so we can avoid sending the country into complete disarray due to the untenable and disastrous socialist and communist policies of the ultimate establishment Democrat candidate: Bernie “Establishment Comrade” Sanders. Banks and Wall Street institutions have never wielded any significant power in this country and someone needs to prevent Bernie from decreasing their power even further. We need a rebellious conservative capitalist to save us from the communist elites in the United States government. I’d say that President Trump is the perfect man for the job. He is so strong and so bold and so intelligent. He seems to be the only conservative who can put an end to the communist political and social norms in the United States and rebuild this nation to be one of traditional values and free markets, something we’ve never been before.

The far-lefties should start watching their backs. There’s revolution in the air. The oppressed and victimized right wing of this country will soon rise up and overthrow the leftist system that has been like a cancer in our society. Courageous conservative rebels are mobilizing at a fast pace to introduce the American population to conservative principles, which they hope will counteract the leftist indoctrination most young people in America are exposed to on a daily basis in many areas of society. If you are interested in rebelling against the far-left establishment, educate yourself on traditional values, Christianity, rigid gender roles and unfettered, laissez-faire capitalism. That’s how to go against the leftist grain of society!

Not only would the founding fathers of America be proud of conservative rebels, but the founding fathers of original punk rock would also be thrilled that the term associated with their music was applied to the advocacy of right-wing policies, as most punks in the 1970s and 1980s were also hardcore conservatives who hated the leftist establishment.

So, there is my take. Conservatism is totally punk rock. It always has been, but especially in today’s world, dominated by a torrential flood of leftist indoctrination, it is now more punk rock than ever before.

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