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By Thomas Sheremetta

If you’ve been following the liberal utopia that is Hollywood, you would see that it’s become a gigantic witch hunt for people who love to take advantage of others… and I’m absolutely loving every second of it. It is simply wonderful that all these pedo creeps are finally being exposed for the monsters that they are. This is thanks to all the women who have finally decided to come out against the many forms of harassment they encountered by Harvey Weinstein, sixty-four women to be exact (USAToday). Ever since his sex scandal, the ball started to roll and continues to pick up speed as Hollywood continues to implode.

Actors and actresses left and right are now demanding their voices be heard regarding their experiences with sexual harassment. They saw Harvey Weinstein’s fall from power as a way to show that nobody is untouchable, no matter how powerful they may seem to be. Before Weinstein, there wasn’t much of a buzz of sexual harassment going around, even though people like Courtney Love warned of Harvey Weinstein in the past. But, since a man who got away with it sixty-four times has finally been brought down, it shows that it can be done. For example, Terry Crews opened up about a time a “high-level Hollywood executive” groped him (The Guardian). However, he didn’t do anything about it in fear that Hollywood would ostracize him. It’s truly despicable that Hollywood would use fear to corner its actors into silence, but that same silence is now being broken.

Truth be told, many people involved in Hollywood have already stated their utter disbelief in these growing sexual harassment cases. I find it far-fetched that some people knew about it and others had absolutely no clue, but that’s for another discussion. However, one person definitely got what was coming to him when he hypocritically called out Weinstein. Ben Affleck, who you may know as the current Batman, decided to be one of the first actors to call out Weinstein’s behavior. It was very virtuous of him to do that, until he was called out for sexual harassment soon after. This is not a joke. He called out someone for doing a heinous crime that he was caught doing himself. Of course, he apologized for groping Hilarie Burton, but then, another video surfaced of him saying some perverted things to a reporter who was on his lap. However, the reporter in the video debunked this, as it was part of a TV show. Regardless, you could say that now was not a good time for that video to resurface.

Other members of Hollywood have also been called out for sexual harassment. Two examples are James Toback and Chris Savino. James Toback was a director/producer that has been accused by over two hundred women for sexual harassment. His response to this initially was that he doesn’t know these women or had no recollection of them. For me, it would be tough to say that over 200 women were all lying about these alleged sexual harassment events. Next, with Chris Savino, it makes me uneasy that he was part of the Nickelodeon company. He was accused by a dozen women, and apparently threatened them with blacklist, going back to what Terry Crews feared most. But, the most recent allegation has truly caught my eye, this being about Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey has gotten a lot of attention as of late. If you don’t know Kevin Spacey, he is (was) a well-renowned actor with many achievements to his name, including roles in American Beauty, The Usual Suspects, and House of Cards. But recently, he’s been in some trouble. Anthony Rapp, a fellow actor, accused Kevin Spacey of sexually harassing him after a night of drinking (NYtimes). The worst part about it is that Anthony Rapp happened to be a fourteen-year old boy. Seeing that this is absolutely fucked up on many levels, Netflix has already decided to cancel House of Cards. The part that annoys me the most is that while apologizing for his unjustifiable actions, Spacey tried to divert the heat by coming out of the closet as a gay man. I’m sorry, but how dare you have the audacity to think that right now is a good time to talk about your sexuality!? You potentially tried to go all the way with a minor but clearly this event is nothing more but a stepping stone for letting everyone know that you love men. It’s completely despicable but considering it’s Hollywood, again this doesn’t surprise me.

I am happy that people are finally getting the justice they deserve, while showing that no amount of power will leave you free from your sins. I’m also glad that the corruption and the villainy in Hollywood is being uncovered. It’s still a damn shame that people are reluctant to call out their perpetrators due to fear of being blacklisted, but Hollywood is moving in the right direction. I truly hope that all the sleezebags abusing their power get called out for what they are, a monster and stain on society.




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