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Dear Frances Beal Society,

I made a great sacrifice in writing this. Not only because it means forfeiting my sexy article for Binghamton Review’s Valentine’s Day issue, but because it means I have to stoop to your level and engage in a discussion I shouldn’t have to have. I must set the record straight for the 10th time, knowing full-well the facts will get glossed over in place of emotional self-victimization. I write to tell you that your hyper-focus on race as the catalyst for the recent protests is a guise. You want so badly to be the victim. Your branding of TPUSA as a “white supremacist harassment engine” is, at best, a cop-out, and at worst, it’s libel. I am here to call you out because your rhetoric is deceiving and harmful towards everyone on campus.

For the record, I am not a part of TPUSA, but I do not have to be to see that your letter was greedy. I am here to tell you, Frances Beal Society, that it is a bold and serious stance to call someone a white supremacist. To label an entire organization full of people with diverse thoughts, cultures, and backgrounds a POC-hating conglomerate is not something to be taken lightly.  If the goal of TPUSA, which has publicly denounced racism, was to discriminate against POC, it’s doing a terrible job. Everyone is welcome to debate and join, and everyone is free to enjoy the policies that TPUSA advocates for: limited government and personal freedom. I dare you to name one stance that Binghamton University’s TPUSA chapter has taken that harms people of color. See, while you saw the tabling protests as a majority of POC rallying against a small group of white kids, we saw two groups of people with different ideologies. I would almost take one out of your book and mention that the TPUSA Binghamton president is a Jewish woman, or perhaps make a list of all the POC who align with TPUSA, but race is of little concern to us. Why? Because conservatives do not care what your race is. Your race says nothing about your character. You are judged by if you are a shitty human or not. Anything more than that is inherently racist.

Moreover, to completely twist the narrative to suggest that the instigators, or “peaceful” protestors who stole TPUSA’s property, harassed their club president, made repeated threats, and claimed boldly that they were not doing enough if conservatives felt safe on campus, is an example of self-victimization. You are not the victim. If it were not for you, none of this would have happened and I could be gleefully writing my article on some NSFW topic. I do not know if you were at the Laffer event, but I was. As the leftist mob began jumping into action, the police directed Laffer, other conservatives, and myself to escape through the tunnels. But racism, right? What you were protesting had nothing to do with race, but you twisted the argument towards what was easy to win. In reality, a poster of a gun on a table triggered you to the point of hysteria, which led you to believe Laffer, an economist who has worked for world leaders on both sides of the political spectrum, was a monster. Claiming anything that transpired as racist is an insult to those who have experienced real racism. Remember, no one pushed you to act, but you willingly chose to infringe on the rights of TPUSA members. Dare I say, you sought them out and had the nerve to think everything was on display for your sake. Watching the world revolve around you, you shrouded your victimhood complex and became the hero of the oppressed by screaming to the point where the police had to escort event organizers to safety. The videos that were taken contained minimal editing and were completely unbiased in their depiction of the events. You hate them because they are the stone-cold truth on display, showcasing your bully tactics and fear-mongering. Unfortunately, disrespectful actions have consequences, and if you hate that the media did not react warmly to your cause, you might want to consider that it is because what you did was a disgusting display of hate. 

It should be noted that Progressives and Frances Beal Society, among other leftist groups, were invited to a debate in February with right-leaning students to discuss events that had transpired. Despite the threats and harassment, right-leaning students were on board, while left-leaning students declined. They were afraid to face the same harassment conservatives felt. They were, and still are, afraid to engage in debate because they know that their smokescreen would come crashing down. When facing the music, they do not know how to debate without obsessively spewing the term “white-supremacist” like it’s a sacred artifact. 

There is only so much we can write about regarding the events which transpired on the Spine and beyond. We can list the facts over and over again but to no avail. We can try to help you out of your self-righteousness crusade. We can stand idly by while you bully us under the guise of oppression. At the end of the day, we are free. We think for ourselves and do not resort to personal attacks as a means of debate. We are interested in liberty for everyone. While you continue to abuse the privilege that free speech gives us, we will continue to uphold freedom for both our sake. You are always welcome to join us.

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