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Binghamton Review is nonpartisan—as an organization, we do not support or endorse any particular parties or candidates. As individuals, however, our staff certainly have opinions. Here are the endorsements for President of the United States from nine staff members that felt comfortable sharing.

Tommy Gagliano – Jo Jorgensen

Best policies, mentally stable, and no sexual assault allegations? Sign me up. It also helps that Jorgensen is the most strategic option for New Yorkers who oppose the two-party system. I go into much more detail about my reasoning in “Why I’m Voting for Jo Jorgensen.”

Joe Badalamenti – Jo Jorgensen

In his 4 years in office, Trump has shown through several incompetencies and character faults that he shouldn’t be re-elected in November. Aside from corruption allegations, Biden’s “centrist” policies look to be a return to big government policies of the Bush and Obama administrations. In addition, his physical condition makes it likely that Kamala Harris, who has the same deficiency in character as Trump, could succeed him to the White House. This leaves Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen as the best options.

Patrick McAuliffe – Jo Jorgensen

I voted for Gary Johnson in 2016. By the time I reached voting age, I didn’t see the two-party duopoly as something to automatically subscribe to. Since 2016, Democrats and Republicans have not nominated compelling candidates with policies I care about. Don’t try to vote-shame me; if third parties were abolished overnight, I would simply stay home on the first Tuesday in November.

Jon Lizak – Donald Trump

He is the only president in the last 50 years to even attempt to put America, and its people, first. He is a high T, high energy Chad, and a winner. He is probably one of the greatest Americans to ever live. I am not a slave to the corporate media establishment and I know how the world works. Libertarians are sooooooooooooooo cringe lmao.

Madeline Perez – Joe Biden

The way I see it, despite the bad and wrong, wacky, and quirky things Joe Biden has said and done in the past, I fully embrace his role as a puppet for democratic schemes. He seems like the best way to get Trump out of office, which is honestly his best selling point. I won’t get into why it would be bad to have Trump re-elected, because you probably already have some idea and I don’t have a lot of space to write. I like that Biden seems to have a plan to combat the “climate emergency” and can probably be bullied into promoting more progressive policies. 

Harold Rook – Jo Jorgensen

Have you ever seen a presidential field that is so catastrophically terrible that you lose faith in mainstream political parties? Yeah, that kinda applies to 2016, but also to 2020. Want a candidate that actually cares about the issues? Do you want a candidate that wants to lower government intervention in your life, expand personal freedoms, and lower your taxes? Do you want a candidate that is socially progressive? Welp, Jorgenson is for you, and certainly the candidate for me!

Sara Traynor – Joe Biden

He’s the best chance we have of getting Trump out of office, and after watching Trump say that he’s the “least racist person in the room,” I’m convinced that four more years of his presidency will drive me to commit ritualistic suicide. 

Spencer Haynes – Donald Trump

I am concerned about Joe Biden’s proposed tax increases in the midst of a pandemic. There would be stagflation reminiscent of the 1970’s. Trump’s economic policies have already produced unprecedented economic growth in the past, and his administration should not be blamed for the state of the economy. In fact, the economy has already rebounded with the unemployment rate dramatically shrinking. I have also grown to support his stances on immigration, and share his concerns about court packing under Biden. On racial issues, Trump’s administration has done a lot more than people give him credit for, and I feel many issues have arisen due to outdated police protocols more than racial prejudice. I feel the media is far more divisive on racial issues than Trump. In short, I dislike Trump as a person, but I believe his advisors are strong, and will do what’s best for our country.

Matt Gagliano – Jo Jorgensen

Trump sucks. Biden sucks. Jorgensen doesn’t suck. It’s as simple as that.

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